Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wizards of Mickey and The Book That Eats People

Here are a copule of good quick reads that the younger reader guys will enjoy. (And I bet the older ones will too) The first is Wizards of Mickey: Mouse Magic. Mickey is a sorceror's apprentice who can't get his spells right. (sound familiar?) His master, Nereus, leaves him in charge of the Diamgic crystal that controls rainfall for his village but Peg-Leg Pete tricks Mickey and slips away with it after Mickey has created a tornado that wrecks the village. Our apprentice decides that the only way to atone is to track down Peg-Leg Pete and get the Diamagic back. But it turns out that the Lord of Deception has captured Nereus and the sorceror is counting on Mickey to rescue him. Can Mickey do it? You'll have to read to find out! Along the way you'll meet Donald, Goofy, a team of dragons, and a huge stack of dirty dishes! The artwork is good, the story is good, and I had a really good time with it. But I've got to warn you that this is only volume 1. Now you're going to be like me, tapping you foot impatiently until vloume 2 comes out!

The other book is a picture book. Yes, I know you guys have outgrown picture books, but I know you'll like this one. How can you NOT like something called The Book That Eats People? It started when Sammy Ruskin forgot to wash his hands after lunch and the book tasted peanut butter on his fingers. After him, it gobbled up the night security guard at the library and then...well, I can't write any more because the book is looking at me and licking its lips!! Be sure to get a copy because it'll make you laugh--but don't read it alone or you'll be book food!

(PS--I first learned of this book on Kinderscares, a new blog about scary books for kids, especially younger kids. Nothing on there has been terribly scary--yet!)

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