Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Leviathan Book Club

Hey everyone, I hate to post twice in one day, but we just got a comment from Tommy Donbavand, the Scream Street author, on Lord Vader's review of his books:

Hey!Thanks for the great review! Delighted to hear you're enjoying the books!

Tommy Donbavand
author, Scream Street

We appreciate it, Tommy! We're always glad when authors write in to us.

I also have been trying to put up this post about the Leviathan book club since last week but have had trouble uploading one of the videos. Fortunately, one of our computer wizards came down to wave his wand and fix it. Here you go.

Greetings and Achtung! all you Clankers and Darwinists out there! This is Carl, aka Baron Karl von KARLMAN, and we had a great time at the Boys Book Club on Saturday the 15th of May. Our book was Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, one of my very favorites from 2009. Unfortunately, we had only 3 guys there that day. Several others had wanted to come, but two had to much homework, another couldn't make it, and one didn't like the book! (What???!!!) Well, next time, if you don't like the book, come anyway and tell us WHY you didn't like it! Anyway, the three of us had a good time. The first one to arrive was the Amazing Alex (aka AXEL SIMONE from the March Madness Contest). I was afraid he would be the only one but, in true CARLMAN fashion, I decided not to give up and have some discussion with Alex. Here's a video of that terrific talk. (it's about 5 minutes long, so be patient. It's good stuff)

But after we talked for a while, Crazy Cat Kyle and Legendary Leland showed up. Now we were ready for some fun! The first thing I did was to ask if they were Clankers or Darwinists. Leland said he was a Clanker and Kyle and Alex were Darwinists, so that meant it was Leland against Kyle and Alex. Our game was to have the Darwinists get the airship Leviathan across the room. It couldn't touch the ground or they lost. They moved it by hitting it with their hands. (A big balloon/globe was the mighty airship Leviathan) The Clanker had to try to knock it out of the the air but he had to move slowly, like a World War I machine. His weapon was a big cardboard tube. Here's a short clip of the game:

Then we had snacks and some more good discussion. Finally we had one more game. One of the best things about this book was the made-up slang expressions such as "barking spiders!", so we made up our own expressions. I put out two cups with slips of paper in them. Each slip of paper had a word on it, either a noun or a verb. One cup held verbs and one held nouns. Each guy pulled a slip out of each cup, put the slips together, and that was his expression. Someone might get "Dancing Giraffes!" or "Jumping Workboots!". Kyle got "Baking Pepperoni!" and Alex got "Running Gorillas!". Here's a video:

Our book clubs are always fun. We hope we can have another one this summer. If so, hope to see you there!

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axel simone said...

for crying out loud she never said barking spiders