Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old and New Friends Write to Us

This is great! We got 2 new reviews yesterday. One was from our old friend Lord Vader (aka Mikie), who used to write to us all the time. Let's hear what he says:

Hello,It's me, Lord Vader (a.k.a. Mikie).
I read two books in a series called Scream Street by Tommy Donbavand. The first was Fang of the Vampire. It's about a werewolf named Luke Watson. The government forced him to move to a street where the other residents are all monsters (vampires, mummies, witches, etc.). Luke and two of his friends from Scream Street have to search for 6 relics to get his parents off of Scream Street. There is a guide book that can help them, but a ghoul and a shape shifter try to stop them.
In book 2, Blood of the Witch they continue to look for relics. It turns out one of his friends is not a real monster, just his parents are. As they look for the relic, the same evil characters (one of them is the landlord), try to stop them. One of his friend's father runs out of blood (he's a vampire), so he runs into the sewers and turns rats and a cat (this cat has way more than 9 lives) into vampires.
I think other kids that are into stories that have undead characters in them will love this series. I read the books in just a few days - I couldn't wait to read them. I'm waiting on book three right now.

Thanks, Lord Vader! It sure is good to hear from you again. Whew, these books sound scary!

The second review is from our good friend AXEL SIMONE. He's talking about the fourth book in the Sluggers series.

water water everywhere
in the continuing adventures of the payne family they are heading to minneapolis after happy is not allowed to play anymore.meanwhile ruby recruits preacher wil who divides the team due to racism. i loved it. i recommend it to anyone who has read the other books.

And thanks to you, AXEL! I think this may be the best book in this series, although it's too soon to say because I'm reading the last one now. You've got only 2 more books to read in this series to claim your prize package!

All right, guys, we love to hear about what you're reading. Keep those cards and letters and reviews coming!

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Tommy Donbavand said...


Thanks for the great review! Delighted to hear you're enjoying the books!

Tommy Donbavand
author, Scream Street