Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AXEL Shoots! AXEL Scores!

Our good friend AXEL SIMONE, who won the March Madness Shoot-Out contest, claimed his first prize package in our Sluggers giveaway. He sent us several reviews, including one of the second Barnstormers/Sluggers book. Here you go:

barnstormers book 2.
when the paynes get a bloody letter from their uncle they realize he may be in big trouble but they still have a game. after their loss in cincinatti will they win in louisville? i loved it. i recommend the series to everyone.

barnstormers book 3
after their first win they go to chicago for anoter game and their are a few suprises along the way. i loved it. i recomend the series to everyone.

the red pyramid
when carter and sadies dad is kidnapped by set, the egyptian god of chaos, carter and sadie go on an adventure to save him and the world. my favorite character is khufu the baboon.as sadie would say it is a bloody good book. i recommend it to everyone.

the emporers code
after learning they are madrigals dan and amy are trying to find the next clue when dan is kidnapped! it is awesome. i recommend it to everyone.bye.

Thanks, AXEL! I'm REALLY glad you like these Sluggers books. I hope more of you will read them becasue the are FAN-TASTIC! BTW, he got his prize because he reviewed the first one in the March Madness contest. Here he is with his prize package:

He's got a t-shirt and a bag from Quizno's with coupons for free subs at the newest store uptown. Well done, sir! Enjoy the well-earned fruits (or subs) of your reading! He'll get the big prize package after he reads all 6 of them. Check out the box on the top of the left-hand side of the page to find out what those prizes are!

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