Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Percy Jackson Graphic Novel, The Redwall Graphic Novel, Plus Capt'n Eli, Jack Kirby, and The Incredibles

A lot of reader guys have wondered when the Percy Jackson graphic novel will come out and I got an answer last week from D.A. Tyo. She gave us a link that gives all the info, so check it out. It'll come out at the same time as the new Camp Half Blood series. As I said before, this year will be a good time to be a Rick Riordan fan! (I can't show you a cover because it hasn't been created yet)

Speaking of graphic novels, Darth Bill sent us a comment reminding us that there's a Redwall graphic novel:

I have only read the first Redwall book, but I really enjoyed it. Also just to let you know, the first book has also been adapted into a graphic novel that is available at the library. Ops, sorry gotta go. Have some darn Jedi to deal with!!!!

Darth Bill!!!!!!

Must be a tough life as a sith lord, always looking over your shoulder for Jedi. Anyway, Bill wrote about that gn a while back. I have not read the Redwall graphic novel, but Bill did and you can see his review here. Good to hear from you again, man! Send us more comments when you're not souping up your T.I.E. fighter.
Speaking of graphic novels that Bill liked, I am forever in his debt for turning me on to the Capt'n Eli series. A new one is supposed to come out his year, although the Capt'n Eli website doesn't say when. I'll be waiting excitedly until then! I've just reread the second one, The Mystery of the Sargasso Sea and enjoyed it a lot! Jay Piscopo creates a Silver Age style universe but doesn't just copy the old masters--he keeps the stories fresh and exciting. You can find a link to the Capt'n Eli website in the list of links on the left-hand side of the page.

Speaking of the old masters, none was more masterful that Jack "King " Kirby. I've been reading Marvel Visionaries Jack Kirby and, man, is that artwork AWESOME!! I mean, that word is overused these days, but no one has ever created artwork that truly inspired awe like Jack Kirby. Look at the stories about Galactus, Thor and the High Evolutionary, The Inhumans, and the Eternals and see if your jaw doesn't drop in awe-struck wonder. There are other stories too--old stories from the '40's and '5o's (including the very first Captain America story), an action-packed World War II adventure with Nick Fury and His Howling Commandos and a bit of silliness called "This is a Plot?" Nobody ever did it better than Jack Kirby! Check this out and see!

Finally, the Incredibles are back in town with City of Incredibles. Yes, Pixar's family of supers fight evil again. This time however, Jack-Jack causes a lot of the trouble. He got infected with an alien virus, so whenever he sneezes, other people get infected with super powers. The bad thing is that he's been kidnapped by the Confederacy of Crime and he sneezes all over the henchmen. Now the Incredibles have to fight not only Dr. Pixel, Tronasaurus, Roller Girl, and the rest of the Confederacy but also all their super henchmen as well! This one has all the action and humor you'd expect from the Incredibles! Don't miss it! (Darth Bill also reviewed one of their graphic novels--take a look here)

All right, guys, check these out and, as Capt'n Eli would say, "Stand by for adventure!"


The Crew said...

Thanks for the shout out about Capt'n Eli, Carl! Volume 3 coming soon. Our goal is October.

Carl said...

Fantastic! Can't wait !