Thursday, December 3, 2009

Incredible Danger, Intrigue, Stupidity and Lost Worlds!!!!!

Hello all in The Land of Blog. It is I, the Incredible Super Spy Darth Bill!!!! Well, I have been doing some serious sleuthing (like Sherlock Holmes) and wish to present to you some great reads I have uncovered recently. So here we go:

For the first review The CARLMAN and I decided that, since we both loved these books (Graphic Novels), and since the comics have been around a long time (even way back when we where young...ouch), we'd read them again. Don't worry though--these books have been put back out in a fresh format and are as good as ever.

Spy vs Spy: Danger! Intrigue! Stupidity! by Antonio Prohias - This is an extremely funny Graphic Novel (GN) that is being reprinted from the pages of Mad Magazine. The basic premise is you have these two extremely goofy spies out to get each other with more often than not something going horribly wrong in a hilarious manner. I don't normally do this, but I want in this case to give a little background information on the gentleman responsible for this eternally funny series of comics. This is taken from the book itself:

"Spy vs Spy was the brainchild of Cuban-born political cartoonist Antonio Prohias, who fled his country after receiving death threats from Fidel Castro. Prohias settled in America, and in 1960 he began a 26 year run of Spy misadventures in Mad Magazine." Sounds like a pretty interesting guy to me.

If you like extremely funny tricks gone wrong, random blowing up of things and whacks over the head and crafty tricks. Do not miss out on this GN among some others I am recommending in
this GN Series:

Spy vs Spy: Missions of Madness
Spy vs Spy : Masters of Mayhem

Really awesome stuff!!!!!!

And Now for a couple of words from the Carlman on Spy vs Spy:

I have to agree with Darth Bill. I read these in Mad Magazine when I was a CARLBOY. They were funny then and they're funny now. You will definitely enjoy these! BTW, Bill, I left you a present on your desk. Yeah, it's ticking, but that doesn't mean it's a bom.......KABOOOOMM!!!!!...cough, sputter...stupid timer always goes off too soon...

Lastly just to give you a taste of what Spy vs Spy is really about here is an animated short starring these two goofballs:

The Incredibles: Family Matters by Mark Waid and Marcio Takara- To be totally honest with you when I started reading this Graphic Novel, I did not expect much from it. I am very happy to report, man, that I was so wrong. I should have known better with the most excellent Mark Waid doing the writing duties. Also Mr. Takara's artwork totally rocks!!!!! The story starts out with The Incredibles -- Mr. Incredible (Super Strength), Elastigirl (Stretching Powers), Dash (Super Speed), Violet (Force Field Generator) and baby Jack-Jack (Powers ?) -- taking on the villainous Futurion (Time Powers) at the zoo. Much to Mr. Incredibles' shock and dismay during this battle and even before, he seems to be losing his super strength. How does he tell his super-powered family much less face up to the fact that he is no longer a super? Read this incredibly well written and well drawn GN to find out. Oh, almost forgot to mention, that my favorite super-hero in The Incredibles' Universe, Frozone also shows up in the GN along with other surprises. Cool Stuff!!!!!!!!!!

Lost Worlds by John Howe - For those of you out there in The Land of Blog who don't recognize the name John Howe, well you should (especially if you are a fan of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings). John Howe and Alan Lee are recognized by most as the premiere artist associated with depicting the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. In this wonderful book John Howe takes a look at both lands and places that existed in the far past, may have existed in the far past and are purely myth (or so most would believe) and draws amazing pictures of these places. He also gives readers information on these ancient places that will astound the reader. Some of the places covered in this book are:

- The legendary city beneath the waves.
Knossos - The home of the Greek Mythological Minotaur.
Pompeii - The very real Roman City that was destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption.
And many, many more!!!!!

This book is both a joy to look at and read!!!! Don't miss the opportunity to check it out. I really can not praise this book anymore than I have. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!!

Well all until we next meet,
Happy Reading,



Ms. Yingling said...

It's funny that you mentioned Mad Magazine; I just got my 14-year-old son a subscription for Christmas. Must say, though, that 14-year-old boys are not pleasant to live with, and they don't smell good. Does this affect their taste in quality literature?

Carl said...

Yes, and everything else as well!! Their music, their food, the condition of their rooms--all affected by their 14-year-oldness. Fortunately, it wears off by the time they turn 30. Well, most of the time.