Monday, December 14, 2009

The Kandy Kane Kid Loves Graphic Novels

Yes, indeed, all you rip-snortin' reader guys, I grew up herdin' cattle and readin' comics. The graphic novels we have now are just as fun as what I read way back then. Darth Bill just handed me one that I enjoyed more than a three-day rodeo! It was Marvel Adventures: The Avengers--Invasion. And there was not just one story but FOUR in this fun-filled GN. The first one had the Avengers fighting a genie!! How could they fight against a magical being?? The next story had some Golden Age heroes pop up in present-day New York City. How did they get there? And who do they have to battle? You gotta read it to find out! The next story has the malevolent Mandarin creating a robot that drains each Avenger's power into itself--and the team can't use thei full strength anyway because the Madarin is holding a third-grade class hostage! Finally, the Leader is trying to fire a space-based super laser into New York City and the Rhino is helping him--or is the Rhino just faking? These are great stories, guys, full of action and wisecracks. Everything you'd want in a graphic novel!! So what are you waitin' for? Saddle up your horses and go get one!!

PS--if you want to know about more good graphic novels for guys, click on the "graphic novels" tab below!

PPS--why would Darth Bill, a sith lord, do something nice, like lending me a graphic novel?? Because, when the Kandy Kane Kid shoots with both barrels full of holiday cheer, not even a sith can resist!

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