Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Very Excited I Am! Our First Review!

Yes, reader guys, Yoda Claws is very happy to publish the first review of our Holiday Reading Giveaway. It's from our new friend Augustin:

Name of book:Esio Trot Author:Roald Dahl
What it is about: It began with a man named Mr. Hoppy who was in love with his neighbor whose name was Mrs. Silver. But Mrs. Silver was in love with someone else, her pet tortoise which was named Alfie. Finally Mr. Hoppy thought of a plan. Mrs Silver was always wanting Alfie to grow bigger.So Mr. Hoppy went to the local petshop and purchased several tortoises. When Mrs. Silver went to work the next day, Mr. Hoppy replaced Alfie with another larger turtle. So this went on until the fake Alfie couldn't get his shell through the opening of his little house. Finally Mrs Silver noticed him and called Mr. Hoppy down to look at him. It was while they were having tea together that Mr. Hoppy gathered up the courage to ask her if she would marry him. "Of course I will" she said. "After all it was your magic words that made him grow" Mrs Silver said. So they got married and lived happily ever after.

Submitted by Augustin De Piante

Many thanks, Augustin! Very happy you have made me. Come to the Imaginon or Matthews or Mint Hill library and get your free book. Or live out of town you do? Call Carl, give him your address, and get it to you he will. (his number is in the post under this one) MORE reviews from you guys I hope to get!

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