Friday, December 18, 2009

He's Making A List, Checking It Twice, Going To Find Out Who's Gone To The Dark Side...

Greetings, reader guys throughout the galaxy, 'tis I, Yoda Claws. The season of giving it is and give out gifts I will. The holiday break is almost here and that's a good time to hear about the books you're reading. Therefore, give out books I will. I'll give a free book for each review you send in. You can tell us about a chapter book, a graphic novel, a nonfiction book, a biography, or even an audiobook. Tell us the name of the book, the author, what the book is about, and why you did or didn't like it. AND--give a special prize package we will to the one who writes the most reviews!! We'll continue this special offer until January 4, when go back to school you do.

Writing to us is easy--just click on the comments section under any post and write your review. If you have more questions, look on the column on the left-hand side of the page. Give you instructions it will. Also, if you want to find good stuff to read, check out some of the links on the left-hand side of the page.

Unlike that other Claus fellow, I can't be everywhere, so pick up free books you can at the Imaginon library or the Matthews library. My special padawan Master Jedi Zack will give you your books at Matthews. Or you can see that sith lord Darth Bill or the CARLMAN, who brings balance to the Force, at the Imaginon library. And I have learned through the Force that several reader guys use the Mint Hill library, so you can pick up free books there also. Just ask for Miss Linda or Miss Donna. (I assume they will be jedi--unless Darth Bill turns them!) Questions you have? Call Bill or Carl at 704-416-4630 or Zack at 704-416-5022 or Linda or Donna at 704-416-5200. But you canot just go to a library and say you wrote and want a free book--you tell the librarian who you are and which book you wrote about.

And live outside of Charlotte you do? A problem it is not. Just call Carl and give him your address and get it to you he will.

Happy reading and happy holidays!!

Yoda Claws

(curious I am--who reads more? Jedi or Sith? Tell us if you're one or the other when you write!)


Augustin De Piante said...

Name of book:Esio Trot Author:Roald Dahl
What it is about: It began with a man named Mr. Hoppy who was in love with his neighbor whose name was Mrs. Silver. But Mrs. Silver was in love with someone else,her pet tortoise which was named Alfie.Finally Mr. Hoppy thought of a plan. Mrs Silver was always wanting Alfie to grow bigger.So Mr. Hoppy went to the local petshop and purchased several tortoises. When Mrs. Silver went to work the next day, Mr. Hoppy replaced Alfie with another larger turtle. So this went on until the fake Alfie couldn't get his shell through the opening of his little house. Finally Mrs Silver noticed him and called Mr. Hoppy down to look at him. It was while they were having tea together that Mr. Hoppy gathered up the courage to ask her if she would marry him. "Of course I will" she said. "After all it was your magic words that made him grow" Mrs Silver said. So they got married and lived happily ever after.

Submitted by Augustin De Piante
gusdawg924 at yahoo dot com

ECW said...

Elias Weiss

December 24, 2009

Book Review: Greetings from Nowhere by Barbara O’Connor

I really loved the book Greetings from Nowhere. It was about four people who all had big problems they had to deal with. One of the things I liked about it was that there were numerous protagonists. I liked how each of them had a problem at first, but in the end they decided to forget their problems and have fun and make friends. I think this was an exceptional book since it had a good moral.
One thing I didn’t like was that not all of the characters were friendly. One of them stole lots of things. He wasn’t a very good character because he didn’t play a very important role in the story. But overall, it was a very good book.
So that is a little bit about the book Greetings from Nowhere. I recommend it to all readers who want a good read.