Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kringle, Lost Worlds, Frost Giants, and the Incredible Power of Reading

Yeee-haa, book-reading buckaroos, this here's the Kandy Kane Kid. I come around every December, telling guys about good reads.

The first book is Kringle by Tony Abbot. I wrote about it two years ago; read the review here. This book's really good--a terrific, action-packed fantasy about how Santa Claus became Santa Claus. Wait a minute--an epic fantasy about Santa Claus?? Yep--and it's not what you'd expect! Go check it out. You will definitely enjoy this one!!

And now I want to rave about a couple of things Bill liked:
Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman (the audiobook version) Do you like audiobooks? I sure do and I enjoyed this one. Neil Gaiman reads it and he does a good job narrating the story and giving different voices to different characters. (His reading is funny, too!) The story is about a young Norse boy in times gone by who helps get Thor's hammer back from the Frost Giants. (see Bill's review here) If you want to find out about more audiobooks, click where it says "audiobooks" under this post.

Lost Worlds by John Howe What a terrific book!! John Howe, who did a lot of artwork about The Lord of the Rings, draws pictures of real and mythical places such as Timbuktu, Camelot, and Atlantis. John Howe makes awesome pictures of each place and tells the mythical or true story of each one. (see Bill's review here)

And here's a link to an article I read in last Saturday's Charlotte Observer. It's all about the Incredible Power of Reading. In fact, that's the title of the editorial. Take a look:

I've always said that READING IS IMPORTANT, guys!! Now you have proof!

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