Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Norse Gods, King Arthur and Kick-Butt Superheroes

Well I could talk about a bunch of things before I give my take on some cool reads, but I just can't wait!!!! Oh wait a minute, Jedi Master Zack's Book Club for The Graveyard Book looks awesome!!! So if you can participate I highly encourage you as this book just rocks!!!!! Now let's get right down to talking about some reads I truly enjoyed:

The Chronicles of Arthur: Sword of Fire and Ice by John Matthews and Mike Collins - This Graphic Novel (GN) tells the story of young Arthur and his tutelage by Merlin on the island of Avalon, away from the land of Great Britain (also known as Albion) that he is destined to rule. The island of Avalon is ruled by the mysterious and mystical "Sisterhood of the Nine" and inhabited by many strange people and creatures such as: The Green Knight, The evil Fir Bolg, The Questing Beast, The Great Lord Arawn of The Underworld and more. Young Arthur learns many lessons in this GN filled with adventure leading to his becoming King of Albion. This is really a well done crafting of one version of the Arthurian Legend.

Odd and The Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman - This is a great short story by the great and most awesome Neil Gaiman that deals with one of my favorite mythologies; that being Norse Mythology!!!!! The story presents the tale of a crippled boy named Odd and his encounter with the Norse Gods Odin, Thor and Loki. When the story starts winter, it seems, is here to stay. Everyone waits but winter goes on and on. Things in the village Odd lives in start to turn ugly, so he heads out on his own to stay in his dead father's hut in the woods. While staying in the woods he comes across three animals: an eagle (the transformed Odin), a bear (the transformed Thor) and a fox (the transformed Loki). He finds out indeed that these are three of the greatest Norse Gods trapped in animal form. How did they get trapped in animal form and how can Odd help them? Read this great story and find out!!!!! Also find out about cool things such as the Rainbow Bridge, Frost Giants, Asgard, a giant hammer and Vikings. What are you waiting for? Start Reading!!!!!!

Marvel Adventures Thor Featuring Dr. Strange, Ant-Man and Captain America by Paul Tobin and More - Man, this was one awesome Graphic Novel to read. This Marvel Adventures collects issues 5 - 8 of the most awesome Marvel Comic: Marvel Adventures Super Heroes. The first story stars a team-up of two of my favorite Marvel Heroes: Dr. Strange and Spider-Man. Well, with Dr. Strange in the picture you can be pretty sure magic will be involved and just general, um well... strangeness.

The Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange

The second story tells the origin of one of the smallest super heroes around: Ant-Man. The third features one of my favorite mythological gods, who also happens to be a super hero... Thor!!!!! He's up against his half-brother, Loki, who also happens to be the god of mischief. Thor has his hands full in this one as Loki attempts to get him in trouble with The All Father Odin!!!!

A Comic from Way Back in the Day staring Thor Vs. Loki

The last story features truly one of my favorite super heroes... Captain America!!!! Cap has just been awoken in our present from way back in 1945 during World War II. To say the least, he is a bit confused about what has happened to him and this strange future he finds himself in. It doesn't help that both SHIED and HYDRA are both after him as he tries to figure things out with his new friend Rick Jones.

The Ultimate American Hero - Captain America

This was a great read, with lots of cool artwork!!!! If you are looking for a cool GN to read, I highly recommend this one. Too Cool!!!!!!!!!!!

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