Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Nerd Pix and a Comic Book Novel

Hey, guys, I'm sorry to say that no reader guys sent or let us take any pictures for the Dress Like a Nerd contest but that's OK. This is a busy time of year for everyone. Tell you what, though, if you would still like to get one to us, call me at the Imaginon library at 704-416-4630 and I'll find a way to post it. Or leave a comment. Or come see me. I'd still love to get some nerdy photos up here! AND we'll still send a free book to Mr. Michael for sending us his nerdy photo!

All right, let's talk about some good reading! I recently checked out a copy of City of Light, City of Dark: A Comi-Book Novel written by Avi with artwork by Brian Floca. It was good!! The background to the story is a bit complicated but, bascially, it starts with the first European settlers who wanted to live where New York is now. They had to bargain with some unfriendly, if not downright evil, beings called the Kerbs who'd always lived there. They made a deal that the people could live there only if they found the token of the Kerbs' power, which would be hidden every year. It would be hidden in a common object, like an ear of corn, and the people had to find it and present it back to them on a certain night or the people would die in cold and snow. So the people desiginated a searcher who would look for it. This searcher would always desiginate her daughter to be the next searcher. Well, the story comes to the present day and the token of power is hidden in a subway token---and there are thousands in New York! On top of that, a greedy blind has learned of the token of power and wants it for himself becuase he believes it will give him his sight back. There's a lot more, of course, and it would take me all day to tell you about it, so let me just say that the story was exciting and the artwork was good and moved the story right along. I enjoyed this a lot and so will you!!


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