Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Turkey Is Thankful...

...that the Lightning Thief movie is coming out in less than 3 months! Here's the new movie trailer:

Thanks to our faithful follower Jana for the link. To check out more, go to (I'm also thankful for all our faithful followers)

AND I'm thankful for favorite old series like EREC REX and SLUGGERS that continue to put out new books and new series like LEVIATHAN and THE BRIXTON BROTHERS, which I'm reading now and looks like it will be another REALLY great series (hope to tell you about it soon).

AND I'm thankful that we live in a country where we can read what we like. Not everyone gets to do that, guys! Don't take it lightly!

And I'm thankful that I get to work and blog with a couple of turkeys like Darth Bill and Master Jedi Zack. We had some fun this year and read some good stuff, didn't we? Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Hi all, this is Darth Bill, I agree with The Great Carl Man in that I am grateful to live in a country such as ours where we have so many great freedoms and opportunities. I am also grateful to have two bums like Jedi Master Zack and The Carl Man to work on this post with (who an I kidding, this is not's too much fun!!!!!). Hope you all have a great Holiday and Peace, Bill

My turn, Master Jedi Zack here! I too am thankful for the great and awesome Boys Rule bloggers that I work with, even if one of them is a dastardly sith. I'm also thankful for all of the awesome books that we can get our hands on around here. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


Cyber Kid 303 said...

That seems so cool. Doesn't look anything like the book. But I still want to see it!!! It looks almost as good (ALMOST!!!!) as good as The Half Blood Prince!

Carl said...

Yeah, it doesn't look like the book. It's hard to translate a book directly to the screen, though. I never saw The half Blood Prince--was it good? I'll have to ask Darth Bill how he liked it. (Good to have you back, Cyber Kid!)