Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Doubly Excited I Am! MORE Reviews!

Wow! Tremendously great you guys are! I, Yoda Claws, have just received three new reviews from another new friend, Michael:

The Missing: book 1
by Margaret Peterson Haddix
When Jonah Skidmore and his friend Chip find out they're adopted, they and Jinah's sister, Katherine, are caught up in a bizarre series of incidents, leading up to the fact that they and 34 other kids were taken from different places in history by people from the future and put on a time machine disguised as a plane. 13 years later, in a clever scheme brought about by the people from the future, 35 of the kids and Katherine are gathered together and travel through time when Jonah offers to fix time for the people of the future. Now he, Chip, Katherine, and one of the kids on the plane named Alex must do that in the 15th century. I enjoyed this book very much. I love time travel, and this is a must-read book for any and every time travel fan out there!

The Doom Machine
by Mark Teague
When aliens capture some people from Earth, they are in for a surprise. Using a machine that can make holes in time and space, they travel to numerous planets, from Hellebeezia to Arboria, and finally to the ultimate destination of Skreepia.In the end, the people from Earth escape with the help of a friendly skreep (the aliens who live on Skreepia, that is), and with the space-time machine, they return to Earth 10 minutes after they left on a journey that took months. I personally think that this is the best book that I have read in my entire life. I loved the time travel content, and I also enjoy books about aliens. So to me this was the perfect combination.

Left Behind--the Kids, book 26
The Beast Arises
by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim Lahaye with Chris Fabry
After the Rapture occurs, four kids realize their mistakes and believe in God, and they are determined to face the Earth's last days together. Now, in the 25 books later, three of them remain. The Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia, has been killed by the sword, as predicted in the Bible. As Carpathia's organization, the Global Community, burns downevery believer's house they can find (because they blame the believers for every bad thing that happens), they trace one of the kids and her new friends to her new hideout (they destroyed the old one). As the girl, Vicki, and her friends prepare to take off, they find that their car won't start. Hiding, they must wait for the GC to come and leave, hoping that they won't find them. Meanwhile, in New Bebylon (the city Nicolae created), the other two kids, Judd and Lionel, witness first hand Carpathia raising from the dead and coming back to life. Carpathia is now inhabited by Satan himself. As Nicolae gives his "I Am God" speach (which everyone who's not a Christian believes), the exect halfway point of the 7-year Tribulation is reached, and the kids must now face even worse: The Great Tribulation. I enjoy this series very much. Their are 40 books, and if you're scared of the Rapture, the authors have a bunch of other great Christian books just wairing to be read! An excellent piece!

Thanks, Michael! Come by Imaginon or Matthews or Mint Hill to get your free books! (since you sent 3 reviews, you'll get 3 books!) Look forward to hearing more from you, we are. Other reader guys, check out these books you should. Carl read Found and liked it--you can see his review here. The second book in that series is out now and it's called Sent. (Read that one Carl has not) AND you are now the front runner for our special prize package. Keep up the good work and let's hear from MORE of you reader guys!

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