Sunday, December 27, 2009

Amazing! Still More Reviews!

Yes, my friends, we have MORE reivews from Michael. This makes a total of eight so far!! Let's see the latest:

The Christmas Genie
by Dan Gutman
When a meteor comes crashing through a school window, and a genie is found inside, he agrees to give Chase and his classmates 1 hour to decide on a wish. I really enjoy Dan Gutman's books and this was the best yet!

The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle, book 9
My Life as Raindeer Road Kill
by Bill Myers
Santa on an out-of-control 4-wheeler? Electrical Rudolph on the rampage? Nothing new for the only walking national disaster area, Wally McDoogle. Wally dreams that an angel named Bartholemew invites him to a birthday party... for GOD! As Wally tries this and that and everything else to make money in order to get the perfect gift for God, he finally bumbles his way into the real reason for the season. I love Bill Myer's books. He's my favorite author. This was awesome! As a side note... Bartholemew reappears in book #28: My Life as a Supersized Superhero with Slobber.

My Weird School, book 15
Ms. Holly is Too Jolly!
by Dan Gutman
When Ms. Holly comes to Ella Mentry School, everything is Christmas related. There is one plus, though. Ms. Holly agrees that 2nd graders A. J., Ryan, and Michael can be Christmas Elvises in the school Christmas play. I love Dan Gutman's books, and this was really awesome. A. J. and his friends star in a brand-new series called My Wierd School Daze.

My Weird School Daze, book 7
Dr. Brad Has Gone Mad!
by Dan Gutman
When Dr. Brad, Ella Mentry School's counseler, picks 3rd graders A. J., Ryan, Michael, and A. J.'s rivals, Andrea, Emily, and Annete for his next expirement, the classmates are in for an adventurous time as A. J. hypnotizes Andrea and winds up climbing the school to save her. I really like Dan Gutman's books, and this is his newest. A. J. and his friends are also in a 21 book series called My Wierd School. Check it out!

Well done, Lee! Since you have written eight reviews, you can claim eight free books!! If you other readers guys want in on the action, click on the Comments tab under this post and send your reviews to us. Read the post of December 18 to find out more. And click on the "Dan Gutman" tab under this post to see what we and your fellow reader guys have said about some of his other books.


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Augustin De Piante said...

Name of book: The Magic Finger
Author: Roald Dahl
What it's about: This book is about a girl who posessed a special power that she called the magic finger. Her neighbrs were very big fans of hunting and the girl could not stand that they hunted so much. One day she put the magic finger on the whole family! The next morning when her neighbors woke up they found that they had shrunk to the size of a robin and instead of their arms they had grown wings!! You can imagine their surprise when they found this out! The father then started to build a nest and try to find food for his family.. At one point the family noticed that there were four ducks that they had tried to shoot at the day before, had grown to people size and were moving into their house! That night the family went to sleep in their new home, a nest of sticks. In the morning the mother and father awoke to see that the ducks were pointing the familys' guns up at them. The father begged the ducks not to shoot especially at his children. The ducks reminded him that he and his sons had shot their children two days before. Then the father promised that he and his children would never go hunting again. The ducks then told him to fly down with his family. As he did everything went black and the next thing he knew he was standing next to his family in his front yard with everything back to normal. He then went and got his guns and broke them into tiny bits. He never shot another thing in his enitire life. Neither did his sons.