Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Incredible! MORE Reviews!

This is Yoda Claws and very embarrassed I am! Darth Bill just told me that these great reviews from the last few days are from Michael, but I thought they were from Lee! Got the name wrong I did. (gave Michael his mom's name I did!) Gone back and corrected this I have. Very sorry I am, Michael. And to think that I, a trainer of jedi knights, was corrected by a sith!! Well, here are two more reviews from MICHAEL:

Forbidden Doors, book 2
The Deceived
by Bill Myers
When Becka's boyfriend Ryan wants her to attend a lecture on reincarnation with him, Becka thinks it's no big deal. But then, the speaker uses her as an expiriment, and get's involved in her personal life, even dating her mom. Scott, Becka's brother, learns from Z, his mysterious chat room friend, that the speaker, Maxwell, is very dangerous. And when Becka's mom sees his demonic power for herself, she and Scott try to convince Becka to get away from Maxwell and his evil powers. Becka won't listen, and winds up in the hospital when she thinks that she can find power over all the world in the headlight of an oncoming train.. Amazing story, awesome action, and a great life lesson. Great book! Also, Becka and Scott star in 11 other books in the Forbidden Doors series.

The Imager (Bloodstone) Chronicles, book 1
The Portal
by Bill Myers
Who knew that the rock Denise found in her old basement would actually be the key to an alternate world? When Denise gives her friend Nathan (who's a selfish brat) a bloodstone for his birthday, he thinks it's the worst gift ever. But when exposed to the light of the full moon, it sends out a distress signal to creatures from another dimension. When Denise and Nathan are sucked away to Fayrah with strange animals that call themselves Aristophenix, Listro Q., and Samson, they explore the new world. They find it's many surprises and dangers as they run into enemies of Imager, the One who creadted us all. Through action, suspense, and near death, Denise and Nathan find out how to fight the devil, and they also learn about the all-encompassing heart of God.. Great moral, great lesson, and great way to teach it. Denise and Nathan star in 3 other books in the Imager (or Bloodstone) Chronicles.

Thanks, Michael. We're always glad to hear from you. Very glad we are to hear from all you other reader guys, too. Keep sending those reviews. Remember that you get a free book for each review you send! (If questions you have, check our post of December 17)


Augustin De Piante said...

Title: The Giraffe the Pelly and Me
Author: Roald Dahl
What it's about: It's about a little boy who lived not far away from an old sweets store. He had always dreamed of making it into a grand candy store. One day he noticed that it was for sale. a couple of weeks later he saw that someone had bought it. All the sudden he noticed a bath tub a piano and a lot of other rubble fly out of the windows. When the little boy asked if anybody was home there was no answer. The next day he saw painted on the window The ladderless window cleaning company. Then a giraffes head popped out of the window. After that a peilican opened another window. Then a monkey jumped out. While all this was happening a chauffeur got out of a huge car. He said the Duke wanted them to wash his windows. After arriving and washing some of his windows they saw a robber. After catching him they were rewarded by being able to stay forever in the Dukes Palace. The little boy got to get his candy store.

Augustin De Piante said...

Title: Mr. Blue Jeans the story of Levi Strauss
Author: Maryann N. Weidt
What its about: The story of a Jewish boy who went to the States to try and earn a living for his mother , sisters and himself. He started out as a peddlar and when he was in the mountains a miner asked him if he could make him a pair of pants that would hold up to the wear and tear of mining work. That night Levi theJewish boy made the miner a pair of pants out of some denim instead of canvas as usual. By accident when he had loaded up he had gotten the wrong material. After he made the pair of pants and the miner liked them the miner told all his friends to get that type of pants. Years later Levi was one of the most respected men around. Even today we use Levis Jeans.