Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Crazy Little Post From Captain Bootstrap Bill

Well now, it seems we have a character here a name of Sir Samuel the Brave. Ya knows what I think should be done with characters reviewing books! Do ya really want ter know!!!!!!

John "The Duke" Wayne

They should be complimented on a job well done, ole bean!! Wot, wot very good indeed. Haven't seen such an insightful review of the first Redwall book since the Great War (some time ago indeed). Bravo, Sir, Bravo indeed! Not trying to be a cheeky monkey, but did you know that a Graphic Novel version of this book has just recently come out, wot, wot? The title is Redwall: The Graphic Novel by Brian Jacques; illustrated by Bret Blevins; and adapted by Stuart Moore. I wouldn't dare say it's better than the work it is based on(Redwall by Brian Jacques published in 1986), but it is a jolly good read!

Redwall: The Graphic Novel (------------------------------------) Redwall the Novel (1986)

Similar, but different!!!! Kinda like dogs and cats. No that's not a good example. Hum, how about NASCAR cars and Indy cars. Yea, that works!

Also I really liked the books The WeirdDude(MHR) recommended--Chasing Vermeer, Artemis Fowl (I really love this whole series) and Science Verse (Jon Scieszka rules!!!!). If this gentleman, and I use that term loosely, is not yet a Sith, I see a bright future for him in this field of work!

Well, everyone who contributed did and outstanding job and I say keep it up. Hip, Hip Hurray!!!!!!!!

And now for something completely different!

Well, let's talk about some good books that I have read recently and maybe you would like to read also:

The Latke who Couldn't Stop Screaming: A Christmas Story by Lemony Snicket - If the title to this book does not make you laugh, I don't know what will. Mr. Snickett has written here a wonderfully funny book about what happens when Hanukkah and Christmas collide. I will quote from the beginning of the book: "This story ends in someone's mouth, but it begins in a tiny village more or less covered in snow." Interesting sounding, isn't it? Well, in this village a Latke (a potato pancake) is made or, more to the point, is born. Because of the high temperature in the pan in which it is made/born, it starts screaming and runs out the house. As the Latke makes its way through the peaceful village and runs into Christmas objects who do not understand who or what he is or represents (Latke
is a part of Hanukkah), he gets so frustrated that he continues to scream. You really have to read this book because it literally will have you in tears with laughter. On top of all this, there is a twist ending that will also blow you away with laughter. Do yourself a favor and read this wonderful book. I know you will enjoy it.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (Volume 9) by the Filbach Brothers - This is the 9th volume in this terrific graphic novel adventure series set in the Star Wars' Universe during the Clone Wars. This volume includes 4 stories that range from comical ("Appetite for Adventure" staring Dexter Jettser) to the truly poignant ("Salvaged" staring a Clone War Trooper). Also included in the mix are stories featuring Jedi Mace Windu (my favorite Jedi) and Quilan Vos (Jedi on the cover of the book). So if you feel like visiting a galaxy and time far, far away, give this graphic novel and the rest a try. Good Stuff!!!!!!

Well, guys, take it easy and continue to send in those great posts. If you haven't posted yet, come on!!!! It's fun and we would love to find out what books you are reading and enjoying (plus, first time posters get a free book!).


Darth Bill

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