Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Three Faces of Sir Samuel

Hello, hello, it's your firendly neighborhood bloggerman, Carl. We've been getting a lot of activity on the blog lately; in fact, it's hard to keep up with it all! We've got new comments from Sir Samuel, we've listed our favorite books of the year, and we're expecting to hear from some of our terrific Novello authors. This is great.

First of all, we actually had a visit from Sir Samuel yesterday when he came to pick up his free book. Here's a picture:

See how he strikes a knightly and noble pose. His trusty sword is raised on high, ready to smite evildoers and boring books with his mighty arm. (The book he holdeth is The Eternal Flame, v.III of T. A. Barron's The Great Tree of Avalon series) Not only did he pay us a visit, however, but he also sent us two new comments:

Hello, me fine friends and siths. First and for-most, I must apoligize for the assault I made on a certain sith. I realize it was against my code of chivalry and that it would be wise to halt things before they get started. You know, I never have been fond of hiring ninjas to assault enemy households anyhow. But, I am here to book review and review books, wot wot, so I must now fulfill my duty.I wilt review TWO books in this ONE post. Quite stunnning, I know- they should make me a wizard for such a feat! That's it. I'm now Samuel the Wizard!!!! ...... Sorry about that.

The reviews: Children of the LampThis is a story about two children who, one day, find out they are descendants of a long running line of genies- or djinn, properly speaking. They are thrust into an adventure as they find out about the duties and responsibilities of a true djinn. It is a mystery filled with intresting facts and mythology, and explores many places in Egypt. Every one of its 355 pages is filled with humor, intrique, and an overhanging sense of peril. Who could wish for more?(Get it! They're genies/djinn and I said wish? I know. Beyond words.)

Here There Be DragonsThis is my all time favorate of all time. It is simply amazing, full of suprises, and has a deep yet funny plotline that will keep your eyes glued to the page. It is the tale of a young university man who studys under a very eccentric proffessor. When his proffessor mysteriously dies, a short man dressed in strange atire knocks on his door and declares him the new keeper of the Imaginarium Geographica- or the book of imaginary geography. Seconds later he is chased by half wolve, half humans, sailing into the lost kingdom of Avalon, and embarking on a colossal quest to save the entire land from the grips of a dark ruler. It is the kind of book that will keep you awake reading hours past your bedtime.

Signed,Samuel the Wizard(P.S.: Never again will I be a wizard- for unlike knights, wizards have to obey grammar rules and can be critisized for bad spelling!)

Well done, indeed, Sir Samuel! Now he is Sir Samuel the Brave, the Wise, and now, well, for a moment, the Wizard. I think being a knight doth suit thee best, however. It was very noble of you to make peace with Darth Bill. A duel between you two would have been messy. I mean, if the indestructible steel of a true knight met a light saber of a sith lord, who would win? What do you think, guys?

BTW, I'm glad you talked about the Children of the Lamp. I saw that book on another site yesteday. I had never heard of it and it looked interesting. You've got me curious now. Well, now that you've apologized to our sith lord, I wonder if he has anything to say. How about it, Bill?

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