Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"We're Knights of the Round Table, We Blog When We Are Able..."

What ho, good readers! Forsooth, 'tis Carl, keeper of the noble blog scrolls. We have a comment from a new and knightly friend, Sir Samuel the Brave. Let us hear what he hath to say:

Three new comments, eh? Well, ye old frogwallopers, I'll make it four! Bet ye didn't see that comin', wot wot. Anyhap, might as well get on with things. Books, yes...I'd say a jolly good ole book would be Redwall, sirs. It tells the tale of a young mouse, Mathias, and his friends. The tale starts right peaceful and all, but things start to get a might bit tight when an army of rats lead by Cluny the Scourge sets upon the peaceful Abbeydwellers, and begins to lay siege to the famed Redwall. Mathias goes on a quest to retrieve the ancient sword of Martin the Warrior, guardian of Redwall, while the creatures of Redwall take up arms against the intruders. It is filled with constant action, involving massive clashes between the two sides, a desperate race against time to claim an aincient blade, and a final clash that wil remain imprinted on yer mind furever. (Get it? They're animals, and I said 'fur' ever?) It sounds like jolly good reading, wot wot!
Signing off,
Sir Samuel the Brave

Most excellently done, Sir Samuel! Come and get thy free book! Has anyone else read the Redwall books? How'd you like them?

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