Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Kelly the Technowizard Comes Through!

Hey guys, it's Carl again. You may have noticed a new addition to the Links section on the left-hand side of the page. We've included a link to a list of all the books we've talked about since the blog started. We thought it would be too hard to go back through all the posts to find books, so we made a list and divided it into Chapter Books, Graphic Novels, Series Paperbacks, Nonfiction, and Others. We've also put the dates on which the books were reviewed so that you can go back to that post and see what people said.

This was hard to do, though. A blog isn't like a website where you put everything on the site and it stays in one place forever. I had to figure a way to put that list into cyberspace so the blog could link to it. Pea-brained Carl didn't what to do, so I called Kelly, our technowizard, and she came down and waved her magic wand over the keyboard. Poof!! The list suddenly appeared. Don't believe me? All right, here's the picture to prove it:

There's me and Darth Bill looking on in amazement as Kelly works her magic. Kelly has an advanced degree from Hogwarts in Computer Magic. But, unfortunately, her other favorite class was Transformations and she just couldn't resist:

Thanks a lot, Kelly!!! It's a good thing our boss came along and made Kelly change us back. (I'll let you guess which one of us was the frog and which one was the pig)

So you still don't believe me? Well, maybe it didn't happen exactly that way, but Kelly really is one of the computer experts in our Tech Central area. They are all very smart; in fact, they're so smart that they seem to solve all our problems by magic. She was great and I would never have known what to do if she hadn't helped me. So check out the list. We'll do our best to update it by the end of the month, if not sooner.

Gotta go. I've a sudden urge to sit on a lilly pad and eat like a...maybe I'd just better go! See ya!
PS--check out our Time-Warner CableTech Central area. It's great!

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