Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hope You Enjoyed Your Holidays

Hey all you guys in Holiday Land, it's Carl. (aka the Kandy Kane Kid) I sure hope you had a good holiday season (and if you're in the middle of Kwanzaa, I hope you're enjoying that too). I sure had a good Christmas. We had a Christmas party at our house and invited a lot of kids. One of the most fun things was the Banana-Dew Race. Did you ever hear of that? If not, that's when you take a banana and a Mountain Dew and see who can eat and drink them the fastest. (You have to eat a bit or two of banana and then drink some Dew; you can't eat the whole banana and then drink) It's fun to watch, but do you know what the most fun is??? The most fun, especially if one of the contestants doesn't know this, is that if you eat banana and then drink Mountain Dew, especially Diet Dew, they foam in your mouth!!! We had two guys try it and one didn't know. It was funny!!!

(Darth Bill: Carl, Carl, Carl you are so uncouth. My family at this special time of year likes to play pin the sharp object on the Grandma. Ho, Ho, Ho funny indeed!!!!!!)

When I got back to work today, Captain Bill did a Make-Your-Own-Pirate-Ship actitvity. Here are some pictures and I'll let him tell you about it.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Thank ye Carl ya ole landlubber ya. Yes indeed mateys, today me and my mangy band of no good, foloten, spit-in-yer-dog's-eye pirates made Pirate Ships and, I tell ye, there be some fine ship builders in this 'ere crew. Just take a peek below ifin ya scoundrels don't believe me.

Captian Bootstrap Bill overlooking me crews fine work!!!! Arhhh!!!

Zaki works on his fearsome pirate ship!!!!

Zaki and Lugman showing off their fine craftsmanship!!!

Yours truly demonstrating how ta build a proper pirate ship. Arhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Twas great fun, Arrrhhhhh!!!!! Maybe next time some of ya sea-dog scalawags out there reading this might want ta give er a try?

Well, have a happy New Year all and watch out for black spots and wooden legged Capetian's by the name of Silver!!!!

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