Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh, Man, Wait Until Darth Bill Reads This One!

Hey, one and all, it's Carl again. This is great! We're getting good respnse from you guys out in blogland. Like Bill, I'm proud of the good work you're doing. Keep it up! And lookee here--we've got another comment from Sir Samuel:

Before I choose to let the cobwebs settle, I feel like I ought to make one more comment, wot wot. Now, first off, reading the introduction thingamabob, I relized that I had not stated why I liked the book! I myself seemed quite the frogwalloper then, here here. But back to buisness: I likes the jolly old book because they are extremely descriptive, the battles are cunning and well paced, and the villian seems so alive. (Instead of just being the pure evil black-hearted thug you expect him to be)
However, I suppose I might as well review another ole story- can't have an outlandish sith beating me, wot ho? So here I go:The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme: The Floating Island. The main character in this adventure is Ven himself, a dwarfish creature known as a Nain. He is the son of a shipbuilder but truly longs for adventure. One day when testing a new boat out at sea, he is attacked by fire pirates and left out at sea to die. But through a great lucky turn of events, he starts down the road on a sort of mystery quest, most questions coming from the floating island, the home of the element of wind. This is a fairly straightforward story at first, but near the end forms itself into quite the complex puzzle. And you'll be on yer toes when you turn to that last chapter, believe me.

That's that, me old chums! And take THAT, ya bloody sith!
Signing off,
Sir Samuel the Wise

Whoa, just wait until Darth Bill reads this one! He really got in DB's face, didn't he? Well, what do you think, guys? Can you outread a sith? Or will you sith readers take this lying down? And what about the rest of you readers who are neither sith nor knights? Do you think you can outread them both? Let's hear it!

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