Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reel Guys Movie Afternoon---

---will be on Saturday, June 26 here at Imaginon. "What's the Reel Guys Movie Afternoon?" you ask. It's a chance for boys 9-12 years old to watch a movie with their dads, grandfathers, uncles, older brothers, mentors, or any important men in their lives. Since this year's Summer Reading theme is Make a Splash, what sort of movie would we show but a pirate movie? And what movie would we show but Captain Blood, that great old movie with Errol Flynn as Doctor Peter Blood, who is unjustly accused of treason, sold into slavery, and escapes to become the pirate Captain Blood. This is a true GUY movie--there are battles at sea, a sword fight on the beach, and lots of things that blow up! Come to the Round in Imaginon at 3:00 pm on Saturday, June 26 and let's have a good time together! Any questions? Call me at 704-416-4630.

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