Thursday, October 27, 2011

But Wait! There's More!

There's no stopping our good friend Michael!! While I was putting together the post up above, Michael sent us even more great reviews. Tell us all about them, my man:

Three of Diamonds
by Anthony Horowitz
Nick and Tim Diamond are back in three short mystery stories! Find out who's responsible for a man being crushed under a steamroller. For that matter, see if you can find out who actually died in The Blurred Man. When Tim and Nick win a vacation to Paris, strange things start happening. See if they can bust the criminals and find out what the criminals are doing in The French Confection. Lastly, Tim's old class reunion takes a deadly turn. Who's responsible for seven murders, and worse, can Tim and Nick get off the island they're trapped on? Find out in I Know What You Did Last Wednesday. Although I don't care for some of the language, I found all three stories to be mysterious, thrilling, and hilariously funny. When it comes to mysteries, it doesn't get any better than this! And check out the first Diamond Brothers book: The Falcon's Malteser.

My Weirder School, book 3

Mrs. Lilly is Silly!

by Dan Gutman

Mrs. Lilly visits Ella Mentry School. She's a newspaper reporter, and she wants to help the kids make a school paper called The Ella Mentry Sentry. A.J. thinks she's awesome! She twists story lines hugely out of proportion. For example, Mr. Macky was seen kissing his wife, Ms. Daisy. So Mrs. Lilly wrote: Mr. Macky Kisses Married Woman! A.J. is loving everything about her, and, best of all, Mrs. Lilly hates Andrea! Could things get any better? What will happen to the paper? Will Mrs. Lilly manage to get it all over the world? Does Mr. Klutz really wear underwear? And, will Mrs. Lilly get away with printing untrue garbage? Find out in this awesome book! Dan Gutman's getting better with each book he writes! Don't miss out on reading this book!

Thanks again, Michael! A lot of guys like the My Weird School series, so it's good to hear that the school gets even weirder. Speaking of mysteries, I'd really like to know if you've read any of the Brixton Brothers books and what you thought of them. I'm reading the third one and really enjoying it.
All right, go check these out too! These books have been read and liked by a real guy just like you which means they are--


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