Thursday, October 27, 2011

Michael Stikes Again!

Time to take a break from The Great Greg Heffley Debate for some more first-class reviews from our good friend Michael. (King of Books and Time Travel) Michael always reads the most interesting books and has been good to tell us about them. Let's hear what's rocked him lately:

SPHDZ, books 2 and 3
by Jon Scieszka
Michael K., Bob, Jennifer, and Major Fluffy are nearing their 3.14 million and 1 SHPDZ brainwave. But Agent Umber is closing in, and ther's suspicious things going on. AAA Agent Hot Megenta knows she can find the aliens in a heartbeat, but the chief won't let her and won't tell her why. Plus, Michael K.'s earth friends TJ and Venus are coming closer to knowing the secret of Bob and Jennifer. Also, Dad K. and Mom K. are mixed up in a secret conspiracy, but what they don't know is that they're actually working against each other! How will this whole situation end up? Find out in these two great books. They are some of Jon Scieska's greatest writings. Don't miss out on these!

Guys Read, book 2
by Jon Scieszka, M. T. Anderson, Patrick Carman, Gennifer Choldenko, Matt De La Pena, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Bruce Hale, Jarret J. Krosoczka, Anthony Horowitz, Walter Dean Myers, James Patterson, and Brett Helquist
This is a collection of ten short thriller stories by top best-selling writers. If you like book series like SPHDZ, The 39 Clues, Lunch Lady, The Missing, The Shadow Children, Daniel X, or anything like these, then this book is for you! These thrillers were written specifically for guys, because Jon Scieszka only picked authors that know what guys like to read. I was surprised to see a new story written by Walter Dean Myers. That guy's been a famous writer for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I found only one story to be amusing and age-apropriate. That would be "The Double Eagle Has Landed" by Anthony Horowitz. It's the newest Diamond Brothers mystery. It was intruiging, funny, and it made my heart skip a beat. Everything else was not so great. I was shocked to see that even James Patterson failed to please. Horowitz put together a great tale, and I might just lok in to his Diamond Brothers Mystery series. Anyway, that's the only one worth reading in my opinion. The first book in this series was much better, Funny Business.

Thanks, Michael! We can always count on you to give it to us straight. And now I want to find out more about the SPHDZ. Don't you, guys?
But that's not all--here are MORE cool books he's read:

Stone Rabbit, book 6
Night of the Living Dust Bunnies
by Erik Craddock
It's Halloween in Happy Glades, and Stone Rabbit leaves his house covered in dust! He's too lazy to clean up once in a while. But he soon learns his lesson. Judy the duck has given Stone Rabbit a lamp that's powered by radioactive material. Well, what do you know, the lamp falls on Stone Rabbit's floor, which is covered in dust. The chemical reaction produces giant dust bunnies intent on eating everyone they see! Will Happy Glades ever be safe from these monsters? Read this hilarious comic book to find out!

Storm Runners, book 2
The Surge
by Roland Smith
Chase, Rashawn, Nicole, and Momma Rossi are safe in the Rossis barn during Hurricane Emily... or are they? The storm is throwing objects at the barn, and the lions and leapord from the Rossi Brother's Circus have broken out of their cages! Plus, the barn has light, but the generator is quickly running out of fuel. The only way to get more gas is to go to another building uphill, through the storm and wild animals. Will Chase do it? Is anyone safe from Emily? And will Hector the leapord and Simba the lion get a four-course dinner? Find out in this awesome book! Look for book 3, Eruption, plus Roland Smith will be writing a book in the Cahills Vs. Vespers series soon!

N. E. R. D. S., book 3
The Cheerleaders of Doom
by Michael Buckley
Gerdie Baker is trying to make a teleportation device. But when Heathcliff Hodges sends her the answer for her machine, it doesn't turn out to be teleportation at all. It's actually an interdimensional portal opener. Now, under the control of Heathcliff, Gerdie is taking over the multiverse! Who is Gerdie? What's Heathcliff up to? And will the NERDS actually help Heathcliff? It's all revealed in this amazingly written new book!

Wow, I didn't even know there was a N.E.R.D.S. book 3 until you told us! This is really good news. These books are awesome, guys--spies, comedy and action! And I've never read any of the Stone Rabbit graphic novels, although we have them in the library system. And Roland Smith is an author that I don't know about. He must be pretty good if he's going to write a Cahills vs. Vespers book.

So here you go, everyone--guy books recommended by a reader guy like you! Be sure to find them and check them out!

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