Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More and More Voices in the Great Greg Heffley Debate!

Yes, indeed, readers everywhere are knocking the doors to give their opinions in the Great Greg Heffley Debate. (don't forget that the one who gives me the best reason why the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are great or why Alan Silberberg's book Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze is better wins a prize!) The first person to weigh in Is Super Simran, who won the March Madness Contest this year:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is much better than Milo or whatever!

Thanks Super Simran, but we need a little more. We want to know WHY Diary of a Wimpy Kid is better. Write us back and tell us, OK? We'd love to know!!

The next person is someone new--lets' hear him:

Greg Rules. Yea thats the ticket!!!! Gimme Prize, Gimme Prize!!! This is not by the way, Library Ninja Bill, not at all. Don't even know the guy.

Karate Guy Will

Thanks, Karate Guy...WAIT A MINUTE!! This sounds suspiciously like my good friend Ninja Librarian Bill over at the Boys Rock, Boys Read! blog. Trying to sneak up on me to get a prize, huh?? Well, it won't work. The Iron Guy exercises his brain as well as his iron muscles and I see through your disguise. Nice try!!!
(BTW, there's a Great Greg Heffley Debate going on over there too. Take a look)

Next is our good friend Sammer, the first voice in this Debate:

I have never heard of the Brixton Brothers but, it sounds pretty good to me. I said I liked Diary of a Wimpy Kid but, I like Maniac Magee better. the 3 part thriller winning the newberry medal. It's like no other book I've read (Which is a lot.) so I'm on both sides of this.

You are so right--Maniac Magee is like no other book. A lot of thrills and a lot about growing up. Interesting comparison. (BTW, speaking of the Brixton Brothers--this is a BIG reason I run this blog--to tell other guys about books they don't know about)

Last of all is another good friend, Ms. Yingling. She's a librarian in Ohio and runs such a great blog--Ms. Yingling Reads--that we gave her the ultimate compliment and made her an Honorary Guy. Let's hear what she says:

Don't count me in the contest, but I have to agree with you that Greg is annoying. I want to slap him. I can't find him funny, because if he were a real kid he would be causing so many of his own problems. Milo was okay, but the one I really like is Big Nate. he means well and is so exuberant, but things just don't work out for him.

Well, all of the grownups seem to agree with me that Greg Heffley's a jerk (see my original post about him here) while kids seem to take the opposite tack. So am I wrong? Am I right? Tell us and you could win the prize in the Great Greg Heffley Debate Giveaway!

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