Thursday, August 9, 2007

Darth Bill and Two Evil Sith (But Not Too Evil)

Wow! What great luck! We've had two more boys come in today to claim their free books. All this in one day! Here we see Darth Bill standing behind Jay B. (alias Evil Sith II) and Trevor B. (alias Smith the Sith). You can read their comments in the post from July 21. Darth Bill and Jay are obviously starting to enjoy their reign of terror while Trevor seems to be thnking about what planet to send the Death Star to next.
So we've had 2 comments from these guys and 3 or 4 from Lord Vader with only one comment from a Jedi, Obi-wan Andrew. That means the Sith are running the reading galaxy so far. Well, come on, Jedi Knights! Are you going to let the Sith take over? Let's see that the Jedi can read as much as they can!

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