Monday, August 27, 2007

A Jedi Reader Writes! We Need Only 4 More!

All right! Our first Jedi has answered Darth Bill's challenge:

I read a book called the Bermuda Triangle. I am a jedi reader. I found a fact that the triangle is 500,000 square miles long. I want to see Darth Bill in a Dress!! (O: Justin B.

Good job, Justin B! Come in and get your free book. Justin knows, as I've always said, that nonfiction is not boring!
But---dum dum DUM!--whenever the Jedi appear, the Sith are not far behind. Here's a new posting from Lord Vader:

I just finished Deltora Quest: The Lake of Tears by Emily Rodda. Lief and his companions continue on in their quest in this book. They have to fight an evil sorceress and some of her children. They pick up another companion along the way and find another gem.
The force tells me that Mel is a girl I have seen at the library many times before.

What do you think, guys? Is Mystery Mel a girl or boy? Is he right? I know the force is strong in him, but can we trust Lord Vader? Hmmm....

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