Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lord Vader's Picks

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Hi everyone. I hope you are enjoying your last few days of July. I just read another great nonfiction called Mysterious Jungles by Andreu Llamas. I learned a lot about plants and some jungle animals that I never knew. They had things about poison plants and meat eating plants. Also about forests that grow under water. I think you will really like this book.
Mikie - a.k.a. Lord Vader

Glad to hear that you've found another good nonfiction book. Has anyone else read one?

Well, it's about time that I told you about a couple of great books--and they're both about the ancient Greek myths. The first one is a graphic novel called Hercules : The Twelve Labors (story by Paul Storrie ; pencils by Steve Kurth ; inks by Barbara Schulz). This book is truly awesome. The story is very exciting (it should be--people have been telling it for the last 3000 years!), but the artwork is really what grabbed me. Most of the artwork in these graphic novels based on classic stories is only OK. This one, however, was truly fantastic! Bill said that it was good enough to be a Marvel publication. (No offense to you DC fans!) So check this one out. You'll love it.

The other book is The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, the first in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I haven't been so excited about a series in years! Did you ever get so fired up about a book that you wanted to tell every friend you had about it? That's how I feel about these books! They're funny, exciting, suspenceful, thrilling--well, you get the idea. If you want to know more, check out my review here.
That does it for today. Hope you're enjoying August. Tell me about you're reading.
P.S. Where are you, Obi-wan Andrew? Are you going to let Lord Vader write three posts in a row without a response?


Lord Vader said...

I just finished "The Lightning Thief" and I really agree with the recommendation. I thought the whole book was great and I like that it was about a boy with ADHD and not some perfect, athletic type. All the gods and goddesses they talked about in the book got me interested in Greek Mythology. You've got to admit that having even half the power of Zeus would be awesome.

Mikie A.K.A. Lord Vader.

kris-the-half-blood-dev-the-sith said...

First off I wold like to sa that I'm a girl. I read The Lightning Theif and recently The sea of monsters to my little brother Devin ( he is 5 now and can not type). His freind told my mum abot this site and Dev wanted me to type for him. He is amazed with 'Geek'mythology now like me and my mum told him "Great, we have a mini-Kris now..." He made me read it to him three times now and refused to go to bed without annother part in the story. oh an he says HI... ^_^