Thursday, August 16, 2007

Darth Bill in a Dress! I Gotta See This!

OK, here's your chance! Who wants to see Darth Bill in a dress! I know I do! Come on, let's hear it! Just 5 comments from Jedi readers will do it. I will personally take the picture. I know all you Jedi want to see a Sith in a dress!
Well, on a different note, here is the second list of books I promised on Tuesday. (Sorry I didn't post it yesterday)

Graphic Novels
All That Pikachu by Hideki Sonoda
Hercules story by Paul Storrie
Teen Titans: Go! Ready for Action!
Goosebumps: Terror Trips
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: A Novel In Cartoons by Jeff Kinney

Series Paperbacks

Pokemon The Movie 3: Spell of the Unknown by Tracey West
Shivers: A Ghastly Shade of Green
Secrets of Drron Special Edition: The Magic Escapes by Tony Abbot
Deltora Quest: The Forests of Silence by Emily Rodda
Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi and
Star Wars jedi Quest: The School of Fear by Jude Watson

Mysterious Jungles by Andrew Llamas
Roanoke: The Mystery of the Lost Colony by Lee Miller
The Human Body Revealed by Dr. Sue Davidson
Black Whiteness: Admiral Byrd Alone in the Antarctic by Robert Burleigh

Let me tell you about a couple of great books. One is Whales On Stilts by M. T. Anderson. This is the one I'd nominate as Goofiest Book I've Read This Year. It's funny with really goofy humor. There's a girl named Lily whose dad works for a mysterious company that is supposed to make stilts for whales. That's weird enough, but then she sees her dad's boss, who has a whale's tail sticking out of the back of his suit, pour salt brine water over his head (which has a bag over it) Then she finds out that this company is part of a plot to take over the world through death and destruction by fitting whales with laser eyes! This book gets goofier and funnier, but it gets pretty exciting too. There are chases, narrow escapes---and whales blasting towns with laser eyes! It's not like anything you've read lately and you'll really enjoy it.

The other one is Instruments of Death--written by Stewart Ross; illustrations by Inklink. (Sorry--no picture available) It's a graphic novel about anicent China. A 12-year-old boy is suddenly taken from his home to be a zither player for the first emperor to unify all of China. He plays the zither (a stringed instrument) very well and becomes a favorite of the emperor but then he gets caught up in a scheme to assassinate the emperor. It's a good story and there are lots of interesting facts about ancient China at the back of the book.
OK---enjoy the weekend and let us hear from all you Jedi readers!

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