Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baseball, Knights, Peep Jousting and other Assorted Oddities

Hello, all, it is I, Sir William the Terrible, otherwise known to both friends and fowls (that's a joke son, a joke I say) as Darth Bill. Well, I hope everyone is doing most excellently out there in the Land of Blog. I did a program Tuesday at the library about "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight," in which I basically told my version of the story. Afterwards, all who attended picked peep champions to fight it out on "The Jousting Field of Glory" (otherwise known as a plate put into a microwave). The story was a lot of fun to tell, since it is one of my favorite Arthurian Tales, but even more fun was the peep jousting. Now if you have never heard of peep jousting, you are in for a treat. What peep jousting involves is putting two Easter Peeps, each equipped with a trusty tooth pick (pushed into each peep), facing each other onto a plate and then into a microwave. The peeps will expand in the microwave and the first peep to stick the opposing peep with a tooth pick is the winner. Think I'm crazy? Well, crazy like a fox,--check out these photos from the "Mighty Peep Jousting" Event (boy I sure do like putting things in bold don't I):

Mighty Peep Jousters warming up for Battle!!!!! To become a Master Peep Jouster one must become one with the Peep, so say the great masters!!!!!


Peeps on the great "Jousting Field" prior to Battle - otherwise known as "The Great Face Off!!!!!!!"

The terrible, awful and sad sight of melted peeps after battle most savage ): It appears the victor in this terrible battle is the peep with the reddish toothpick.

All Hail the Conquering Hero!!!!!!

Sir William the Terrible eating one of the poor melted peeps after it has been wounded beyond all hope of healing (it really was the most humane thing to do).

WARNING: To all out there thinking of eating melted peeps, please make sure they have had time to properly cool before doing so. Otherwise a burnt mouth could ensue and that is a big Ouchy!!!!!!!!!!!!

To see some peep jousting in all its real life glory, take a look at this YouTube video:

Pretty incredible wouldn't you say? This sport has changed my life!!!!!!!!!

And now for something completely different, book reviews by Sir William the Terrible:

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Selina Hastings and Juan Wijngaard - This is not exactly a new book but it is an excellent adaption of the "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" tale from Arthurian Legend. This story is about a young Sir Gawain of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table and how his courage and sense of chivalry is tested by the eerie Green Knight. Here is an excerpt from the story to wet your taste buds:

'A noble opponent indeed!' exclaimed the Green Knight, dismounting from his horse. 'Sir Gawain, you must swear that in exactly one year and a day you will seek me out and allow me to return your blow.'

'I give you my word,' said Gawain.

Then the Green Knight knelt at Gawain’s feet, bowing his head so that the neck was plainly exposed. Gawain lifted the axe up high and brought it whistling down, severing the Knight’s head cleanly from his shoulders.

The head rolled on the floor, blood spurting from the wound, but the Knight never faltered. Rising to his feet, he picked up his head and, tucking it under his arm, swung himself up into the saddle.

As he passed Gawain, the head turned and regarded him solemnly. 'Remember your promise, Gawain. Meet me at the Green Chapel in one year and a day.’ Then spurring his horse, the Green Knight galloped out of the hall.

Pretty cool, huh!!!!! Give this book a chance as it rocks in a major way!!!!!!

Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow by James Sturm & Rich Tommaso This is really an outstanding graphic novel about a fictional black family, primarily occurring in the early to mid 1940s, and the dangers and extreme bigotry they and other African Americans suffered during this time period in primarily the Southern United States. It is also a history of the Negro National Baseball League and some of the outstanding men who played for the League, Satchel Paige being one of its biggest stars. The father in the story is a sharecropper who works under a very unkind pair of white twins. The father tries his best to improve things for his son and show him that African Americans are just as good as White Americans. However because of the time period and many ugly practices that are allowed to take place in that part of the U.S., he has a hard time doing so and becomes full of anger. Things between blacks and whites really come to a head when the hometown baseball team, the all White Tuckwilla All-Stars, take on Satchel Paige’s all Black All-Star Team. This book really does a great job of taking a picture of a time long past in American History and the people who lived in it. It also includes a preface that talks extensively about Satchel Paige and an end section that covers everything from Jim Crow Laws to Baseball Rituals. This is really worth a read guys, so give it a chance.

Well, not to overstay my welcome, I bid thee a most greatful adieu,


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