Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Great New Blog, More Heroes, and a Comment From Melanie!

Hey, everybody, I just found a great new blog called Guys Read. It's not the same as Jon Scieszka's website; it's a blog run by an adult and his boys' reading club. They do what we do--write about their favorite books. Check it out at the links on the left-hand side of the page or take a look here.

Did any one you come to the Get To Know Heroes programs that Bill and I did. (I know cyber kid 303 was there) Well, it was so popular that we're going to do more! I'm going to do Theseus and the Minotaur on February 12 and Bill will do Sir Gawain and the Green Knight on February 26. The programs are at 2 pm in the Round here at Imaginon. The Theseus story is another one of the greatest hero-versus-monster tales of all time and the Sir Gawain story---well, let's just say it's what happens when one of King Arthur's knight gets into a beheading contest with a Green Knight!! A really and thrilling story. Don't miss them!!!

We also have another comment from Melanie, my coworker. Here's what she said--and I don't think Bill will be happy about it!

Just goes to show, you can't trust boys! Bill, Bill, Bill . . . I'm at a loss to understand how you can spell miscellaneous right and get scissors so very wrong. :) Hmmm, perhaps those short words are trickier for you than the long ones.

Can't trust boys, huh? Isn't that gratitude for you? After we posted her comments and everything. Melanie's referring to Bill's post of 1-30-08, Tales of Brave Beowulf and Other Miscellaneous Nonsense. So he misspelled "scissors"--are you going to take that, Bill? Better watch out, Melanie, because he is no longer just plain Bill but Bill Kung-Pow, the Kung Fu Librarian! Here he is with his Flashing Book Holders of Kung Fu!Don't say I didn't warn you!

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