Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Good Reader and a Good Guy

I want to give a major shout-out to one of our regular readers and writers, cyber kid 303. I've found out some really good things about him and the things he's done and I think he deserrves some recognition.

You may remember that he came in second place in the March Madness Seires of Books tournament. He claimed the autographed UNCC Men's Basketball T-shirt and poster as his prizes. Here he is, picking them up at one of our Heroes programs:
But do you know what---he didn't claim these prizes for himself; he got them so he could give them away!!! He knows a family who are big UNCC basketball fans; in fact, the father is such a big fan that he has been to every UNCC basketball games for years and missed only once, when he had surgery! So cyber kid gave his prizes to that family:

Isn't that great? But that's not all!! Cyber kid also made a donation at the Mint Hill Library to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Shelter:
He donated treats and toys to keep the animals happy until they're adopted. Way to go!! Those animals can be be pretty pitiful while waiting. Have you seen the commercials that show how those abandoned pets feel while they wait? You're quite a guy, cyber kid!! He really loves his own pets, too. Here he is, reading to his dog:
If you look closely, you'll see that cyber kid is reading a Harry Potter book to his doggy friend. Hmmm, I wonder if if there's a dog version of HP? Maybe it would be Hairy Dogger and the Obedience School by J. K. ROWLFing.

All this generosity should not go unrewarded, so Darth Bill and I awarded him and extra prize for the Book Series tournament--the first Artemis Fowl book:

We're proud of you, cyber kid. Keep up the good work--and all the good works! Always remember, guys, it's important to be a good reader, but it's just as important (maybe even more so) to be a good guy


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cyberkid 303 said...

Thanks for what you said about me. Anyway, I have a new comment. For my bookclub I had to choose a new book to read and I chose "The Battle of the Labyrinth" by Rick Riordan. Now I've read ALL the books in the Percy Jackson series. Here is my book report.

Percy Jackson is your average demigod son of Posidon. He goes to Camp Half-Blood to learn to sword fight and other useful things. I forgot to mention that Percy's mom is mortal so he is half-god half-human.

Percy has to go across the Labyrinth, a deadly maze, with exits at Camp Half-Blood! Percy scoops poop, sets himself on fire, meets Janus, talks to a sphinx, participates in a gladiator fight, and sword fights in the Labyrinth. The monsters' and Titans' goal is to take over Camp Half-Blood, then Mt. Olympus! The Titans want to find Ariadne's string, which will help them navigate through the maze. Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson have to find it first.

I really like this book, and I suggest you read it. It is very funny and should be on the New York Times Best Seller List.