Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here's Another Reason to Attend the Book Club Party!

Yes, if you needed another reason to attend our Percy Jackson Summer Book Club, we've got one! We received a message from a mysterious person named Becky who has promised us something great:

Hey Carl,

You all rock! Let us know how many guys show up for the book club and we will send Camp t-shirts for the group!


Well, that's awfully good of you, Becky! Did you hear that, guys? If you attend our club, you'll get a Camp Half-Blood T-shirt!!! Isn't that too cool? Even more reason to show up! If you've never seen one, here's a picture of one of our regular readers who got one :
But---if you do show up, you're going to be expected to come to the book club. You can't just come to the party and expect to get a free T-shirt. No, sir! You got to attend to get one. So come on, guys! Show us what you're made of and we'll reward you with a shirt.
BTW, you may have noticed that our mysterious benefactor is a girl. I have to let you know that this book club won't necessarily be a boys-only club and we may have some girls there. But if you've attended our Heroes Bold From Days of Lore programs, you'll know that we've had girls there and they've been cool. But, have no fear, me lads, we have a couple of guys-only events planned for this summer!! Stayed tuned to this blog to find out!
PS--We also have a comment from our friend Rowdy Roddy at the Guys Read blog:
Hey Guys,
Sounds like a cool party, I know quite a few guys around here that would love to be able to attend. We will look forward to a report.
Rowdy Roddy
They can't come because they live far away. So let's not disappoint them! Show up and give them a good report!

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