Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Am Iron Man!!!!! Dum, Dum, Da Da, Da!!!!!!!

Hello all in the Land of Blog. I have to tell you, this past weekend, I went to the movies and saw the greatest Superhero movie ever made in my not-so-humble opinion (hey I'm a Sith). What was that movie you ask. Well it was...... Iron Man and it totally rocked!!!!!! I can't wait to see it again. It really blew me away.

I'm also very excited because I bought advance tickets to the Heroes Convention here in Charlotte. The Convention will run June 20 - 22 of this summer. Man I am so cyked because some of my favorite comic/graphic novel writers and artist will be attending. They will also be having tons of events and have lots of cool stuff there, but check out whats going on yourself at: http://www.heroesonline.com/heroescon.html. When you do you'll understand why I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

Well enough of my babbling, lets look at some Graphic Novels I have read recently:

Marvel Adventures - Iron Man: Heart of Steel by Fred Van Lente - Are you an Iron Man Fan? Do you like Graphic Novels with lots of action and adventure? Then this is a must read Graphic Novel for you. This GN covers Marvel Adventures Iron Man (the comic) issues 1 - 4. The first story tells the origin of how Iron Man came to be and how Tony Stark turned his life around. The second story has Iron Man taking on his toughest enemy, The Mandarin and his Ten Rings of Power. The last two stories have Iron Man battling Earth's plants and dealing with internal espionage at Stark International. If you like action, adventure and fast paced storytelling combined with awesome art work, this is definitely the book for you.

Magic Pickle by Scott Morse - A serum is created by a gifted scientist to create a great superhero. The serum only works on one being, with fantastic results, all others that follow are failures. Am I talking about the one, the only Captain America? No way dudes, I'm talking about the truly outrageous Magic Pickle. Magic Pickle's creation is brought about by the brilliant scientist Doctor Formaldehyde with a super secret serum. It works on just one being, an ordinary pickle, with all other repeat tries on leafy vegetables and tasty fruits ending in disaster. The results of the later experiments lead the creation of "The Brotherhood of Evil Produce!!!!!! " Magic Pickle who stands for Truth, Dill Justice and everything Kosher, must face off against some of the nastiest vegetables and fruits the world has ever known such as Peashooter, The Phantom Carrot, Chili Chili Bang Bang, Squish Squash and The Romaine Gladiator. So don't miss this GN staring Weapon Kosher (Magic Pickle) and his trusty sidekick The Sweet Tomato. Great stuff, Enuff Said!!!!!!!!

Dragon Drive: Volume 1 by Ken-ichi-Sakura - Reiji Oozora thinks he's no good at anything - especially school and homework! That's until one day he's introduced to a game called Dragon Drive which apparently is played in a virtual world and he gets his very own virtual dragon and names it Chibi. Chibi, small and weak, appears to be as big a loser as Reiji! But after their first battle, Reiji realizes there may be more to his tiny friend than meets the eye. Also this supposed virtual game and world may in actuality be much more than what it appears. This is a great Manga Series if you love Dragons and battles roale. Its also great if you believe in the power of friendship and love. The Library currently has up to Volume 7.

Well that's all I got now guys.

No worries and peace all,

Darth Bill

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