Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sent You a Warning, He Did (and review two books, I do)

Hey, Darth Bill, Mysterious Anonymous has sent you a warning! I think you'd better pay attention to it:

Hummmmmmmm! I WILL be watching and reading this Blog. If I have to come back and put you in your place again I will, be you assured of this, Sith! Until then I can depend on other creatures to keep you in line.

Sounds pretty serious to me, Darth Bill!! I wonder what sort of creatures he means? Something like this?

or this?

No, I think he means the Lagormorph!! Better be careful when you taunt Mysterious Anonymous!!!

Well, as Bill says, enough silliness. I've just read two good, short, easy-and-quick-to-read books. One is Gamer by Alan Durant and the other is its sequel, Gamer: Next Level.

In the first book, JP is a serious gamer. He spends so much time with his Z Box that he doesn't listen when his mom tells him he has to read. Yet he's played and beaten all his games--where will he ever find a new one? The answer comes the next day when JP finds a junk store that wasn't there before. There's a new Z Box game in the window! JP goes inside and finds that the owner is a creepy guy with big glasses and a white cone of hair on top of his bald head. The man tells JP that it's not just a game but an experience. In fact, the game doesn't have a title, just a warning! But JP buys it anyway and takes it home. What happens when he tries it out? Let's just say he finds more experiences and danger than he wished for! In the second book, Mia and Zak, her pest of a little brother, find JP's game. Mia starts to play but then sees Zak captured by an octopus and taken inside a sunken ship. Can she save him? And guess who shows up at the end of the story? As I said, these are what you want when you want something that's quick and fun.

All right, take care, and let me know if you've got a copy of The Battle of the Labyrinth,
(PS--I saw Bill reading The Lightning Thief. Can't wait to hear how he likes it!)

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