Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Today's the Day! The New Percy Jackson Book Is Out!!!!!

YIPPEEE!!!! The day I've waited for is finally here! Today is the day The Battle of the Labyrinth, the new Percy Jackson book comes out. Here's a picture of me at my desk--I slept here all night so I could get a copy when the library opens:

Here's me saying, "YEESSS!!!" when I woke up and realized what day it is:

Here's me and coworker Melanie when she got here and found out I slept here all night and didn't get a shower or brush my teeth:
But guess what---THE LIBRARY'S COPIES ARE NOT HERE YET!!!!! OH, NO!!!!!!! Here I am, calmly accepting the news:
Well, I found out that the library orders their books from a certain company and that company has not sent the books out yet. They apparently don't know how popular these books are. (It was different for Harry Potter) So what can you do? I've waited this long; I guess I can wait a bit longer. Well, in the meantime, if any of you out there have bought a copy, write to us and give us a review when you've read it. But don't give anything away!!!

Speaking of Percy Jackson, our brother readers and bloggers at the Guys Read blog are going to see Rick Riordan at a bookstore in Raleigh this Thursday! The day after tomorrow! In Raleigh, just three hours away from Charlotte! Go to their blog, check out their latest post, and keep reading their blog to hear about their visit. (You can access their blog from the Links on the left-hand side of our page) Here's what our Guys Read friend Rowdy Roddy had to say about it:

Hey Guys,

I really enjoyed the video review of Inkheart. I loved the book and look forward to the movie.We are also looking forward to Rick Riordan's visit and we will be sure to say "hi" for y'all.

Riding off into the sunset,

Rowdy Roddy
I asked them to give our greetings to Mr. Riordan. Well, I'll just keep on waiting and put on a happy face.

Or maybe not.
But there is good news--I spoke with the person in charge of ordering books for the library. She very kindly emailed the book company and told them our situation and the company said they'd try to put a priority on getting them out soon. YEESSS!!!! Thanks so much!

BTW, today is a primary election day in North Carolina. I'm planning to vote after work. Voting is another thing we owe to the ancient Greeks. The whole idea of democracy, that is, the people governing themselves instead of being lorded over by a king, came from them. So remember that as you watch the election unfold this year.

Waiting and waitng,



cassiemoonlight said...

percy jackson is fantastic. but i dont want percy to go with annabeth. i want him to go with rachel or calypso

Niki said...

dude percy is like perfect for annabeth and she asome. racheal and calypso are nothing compared to her