Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Comic Book Stores, The Last Apprentice and Goodbye

Well all out there in "The Land of Blog," I guess you have heard the bad news about the Library System, a bunch of people were laid off, but the good news is that at least for the next couple of months all libraries will remain open. It's looking like my last day will be April 1. I just want you all to know how much I have enjoyed my time employed with this Library System and working on this blog. You all are the best and I hope you have found some good reads here along with having a few laughs. I want you all to carry on and help Mr. Carl with this great "Boys Rule Boys Read" Blog. I'm sure I speak for Zack in that we will be continue to follow the blog and post reviews in the future (we will just be members of the general public).

Okay, now for some happy stuff.

On May 1 a brand new Comic Book Store will be opening in Charlotte called "Spandex City" (after all many superheroes wear spandex costumes). This is also Free Comic Book Day and Michael, who owns the store and is a super nice guy, will be contributing 10% of all Opening Day sales to The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library System. So be a hero for a day and have a good time by dropping by the store. I know I will be. The web site for the store is www.spandexcity.com.

Now a word of endorsement from a well known Superhero!!!!!

May 1st Grand Opening Endorsement from Green Lantern!!!!!!

Be there or be square!!!!!!!!

Now for my last official book review and boy is it a good one:

The Last Apprentice: Revenge of The Witch by Joseph Delaney - Tom is the seventh son of a seventh son and in the world of magic that makes him extremely special. Tom lives in what appears to be medieval England (or around that time) and has just turned 12. At this age Tom is expected to start learning how to make his own way in the world. His mother knowing of his potential arranges for him to be the apprentice of a local Spook - Old Gregory. What is a Spook you ask? Why Spooks deal with the world of the supernatural. They deal with boggarts * gasp*, witches and all sorts of creatures that go bump in the night. Tom turns out to have the potential of becoming a great Spook under the tutelage of old Gregory, if his mistakes don't kill him as they did Old Gregory's previous apprentice. As you have probably guessed from the title of this book, one of Tom's first challenges is a very evil witch named Mother Malkin (read the book to find out how she got this name; it's pretty creepy). This is a great read and the first book in a series. The rest of the series is definitely on my must read list. Warning: This book can be quite scary as the creatures that a Spook must take on do some pretty horrible stuff. So if you or your parents don't want you reading this sort of material, DON'T!!!!!!!!!

It's been fun guys and thanks for the memories.

I'm so glad we had this time together,
Just to have a laugh, or sing a song.

Seems we just get started and before you Know it
Comes the time we have to say,
"So long".

Good Bye and Good Luck All,


P.S. This is a special shout out to my fellow Spangler Room Crew: Mona, Carl, Ellen, Teresa, Casey, Leah, and Beth. Love you guys and will miss you so much.

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Susan Quinn said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the Apprentice book - usually once I read the first one, I assume the rest are ok, but that's not always a safe assumption.

Keep up the great work!