Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time In!

All right! Time to get back up and go forward, difficult as that may be. (although we still need your support! Check on yesterday's post) We have more Slam Dunks. Let's all come to the line. First up is Chandler with FIVE reviews!

The Last of The Mohicans is by James Fenimore Cooper and is 238 pages long.
the time period is the French and Indian War. it’s about a man named Natty Bumppo who was nicknamed by the Indians Hawkeye and his fellow companions Chingachkook, and Uncas who were the last of the Mohicans. while they were roaming they found a group of Travelers. there names where Cora, Alice, Heyward, and David gamut. they were chasing a runaway indian.
they didn’t find him so Hawkeye lead them to an island on a boat there they find shelter. in the morning they woke up and where attacked by Iroquois they killed them all, but one took there boat. so Hawkeye, Chingachkook, and Uncas go get help, but when they leave the indians invade again.
will Hawkeye’s friends escape or die by the indians. read this book to find out.
I like this book because it has a lot of excitement

Magic Treehouse is by Mary Pope Osbourne and is 111 pages long.
It’s all about two kids named Jack and Annie they find a magic treehouse and they do missions for a man named Merlin. in this book they go to a place called Ireland they have to inspire people to share there talents with the world. They have to inspire a girl named Augusta who lives with a rich family. She tries to find these magical people called the Shee, but she couldn’t find them so she gives up and becomes sad. So Jack and Annie have to help her find them and share the Shee’s stories to the world.
Read this book to find out if Jack and Annie can help her find the Shee or will the old Irish legends be lost forever.

The Secret of Droon: Knights of the Ruby Wand is by Tony Abbott and is 120 pages long.
The story begins with Julie, Neal and their friends trying to hunt down hunters who had escaped into the Upper world (our world). They chased them to there school, where they almost caught them. Suddenly out of nowhere the magic soccer ball rolls in telling them to come to Droon.
When they got to Droon they met up with there friends who were still trying to find a cure for Eric. They meet a genie named Anusa who tells them that Galen is captured, and they need three things to find him. She sent them after the Ruby wand, but the ruby wand. The wand was being held by the tree weasel who were known for their trickery. WIll they save Galen and Eric or will Droon fall to Gethwing. Read this book to find out
I liked this book because it had humor and excitement.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Greg Heffley’s Journal
Greg Heffley is one of those kids who gets picked on everyday, tries to get girls to like him and has a big brother named Rodrick and a little brother named Manny. He has a best friend named Rowley who acts really weird.
Greg has all kinds of ways to get away with stuff Without his brothers finding out. One of his secrets is that he writes a diary about things he did. The worst thing that would ever happen to him is his brother Rodrick stealing it.
Will it be kept a secret or will Rodrick steal it and spread the word. Read this book to find out if Greg Heffley has life going good for him.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw
Greg Heffley his a kid that is always getting in trouble always laying around and being lazy and never does anything manly. He has a weird friend named Rowley and his brother who’s a bully. His mom and little brother are also weird.
Well Greg’s dad gets jealous cause he wants a son who’s like a man not laying around while other kids are playing football or working out to grow really strong.
So his dad wants him to go off to military academy to become a man. Can Greg show his dad that he is manly or will he be saying goodbye.

After him comes Demitri:

This is Demitri.I am reviewing Amulet Book Two The Stonekeeper's Curse by Kazu Kibuish. This is a continuence of book one. Emily and her friends get to the city of Kanalis,where they find a Doctor that sends them to Demon's Head Mountain to get the gadoba fruit that has the healing power needed to save their mom. They meet Leon Redbeard in this story. I enjoyed this book as much as the first, and cannot wait for book three. If you enjoy adventure and suspense,these are the books for you!

He gets a three-pointer for the Amulet Two book.
Then we have AXEL:

i have read the name of this book is secret by pseudonymous bosch. i loved it. it is filled with humor and action. it is about 2 kids trying to save a kidnapped classmate. i recommend it to everyone. bye.

Finally Michael comes to the basket:

The Time Navigators, book 1
The Dangerous Voyage
by Gilbert Morris
When Danny and Dixie Fortunes dad disappears, they go to their strange great-uncles, who are mad scientists. They say they'll give the Fortunes 10 thousand dollars if they travel in the Chrono-Shuttle, their time machine. They go back in time to the year 1620 and see what life was like with the Pilgrims. But when the Mayflower sets sail, Danny and Dixie find that their mini-time machine, which is their key backto the present, has gone missing! They must find the Recall Unit before they are trapped in the past forever. I loved this book! It's educational, and, most importantly, it's time travel! So definitely check this one out!!!

The 21 Balloons
by William Pene du Bois
Professor William Waterman Sherman has been a school teacher for 40 years, and now that he's retired, he is looking forward to spending a year floating over the ocean in a hot air balloon. But after a seagull pops it, he is forced to crash land on the island of Krakatoa. There he finds a secret village with citizens on the seemingly uninhabited island. All seems well, until the volcano in the center of the island starts acting worse than usual. The people of Krakatoa and Professor Sherman must escape the island before the volcano buries the entire thing in the biggest explosion in history. Can they do it? Great book, definitely one to get.

Thanks, men! Good reviews, all of you. I'm especially glad some of you are reviewing the classics, like Last of the Mohicans. Whenever guys hear the word "classic," they automatically think "old and boring." Some of them are but others, like Last of the Mohicans and Treasure Island are still alive and kicking. I'm reading some of the original Sherlock Homes stories now and, man, do they still pack a punch! Some relatively newer books, like The 21 Balloons, are now considered classics and, as you see, guys are reading them. Some people consider Harry Potter as classics now. Do you think the Percy Jackson books will be classics one day? Could be!!

OK--the standings:
Michael--15 points
Dakota T--16 points
AXEL-13 points
Chandler--7 points
Brian B--9 points
Justin B--6 points
Shannon--3 points
Demitri--6 points
Keegan89--2 points
Josh--6 points
Dakota T still has the lead but only barely! Michael is one point behind and AXEL is coming up quickly! Things can still change, though. Demitri doubled his points today and Chandler more than tripled his! Stay tuned, fans! It's not over yet!!

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