Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Dunks and the First Buzzer Beaters!

The competition has just gone up another level! We have our first reviews of the Treasure Island book and, as you know from the March 1 post, those reviews are Buzzer Beaters and count as five points! Before we get into that, though, let me let you all know that your reviews of the Treasure Island play have been mentioned on Imaginon's Facebook page. Take a look and good work, men!

We have three new reader guys jumping into the competiton today, so let's start with them. First up is dunkin' Demitri:

This is Demtri Stirewalt doing a review on Amulet Book One The StoneKeeper by Kazu Kibuishi. This book is about a little girl,Emily, that finds a necklace and tries to save her mom with the help of her brother Navin. I enjoyed this book so much that I read it twice and I cannot wait to read the second book The StoneKeeper's Curse in this series. I recommend this book.

Then we have crunchin' Keegan89:

The Kite Rider By Geraldine McCaughrean
This book takes place in thirteenth century China; a young boy saves his widowed mother from a horrible second marriage to the man that killed his father. Twelve year old Haoyou joins the circus as a kite rider, one who rides a large kite into the sky, to pay for his mothers expenses. However none of his money ever reaches his mother, instead his grandfather takes it and gambles it away. Haoyou is captured by the Mongol ruler. He soon escapes and makes his way back towards his home in Dagu. When he arrives he finds that his mother works at the tavern and is only paid in food and housing. She and her baby girl had not seen the light of day in months when they leave the tavern to find a place to sleep. They use the boat house that belonged to Di Chou, the man who killed his father. They stayed there until he returned from the voyage Haoyou sent him on. Haoyou distracted Di Chou by gambling with him losing everything including his mother. As Di Chou was removing the goods the men who they belonged to came and requested their money back, but he did not give it to them. He was then beaten by the debt collectors as he fled town. This emotional story follows the turmoil of a young boy struggling to please his Great Uncle. He has been taught to always obey his elders even though his Great Uncle is nothing more than a gambler, earning no money himself. The Kite Rider is an easy read and I recommend it for ages 10 to 12.
And then we have joltin' Josh with two shots:

Book :Treasure Island
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Treasure Island tells the story of Jim Hawkins, a young teenage boy who embarks on a journey to find a great amount of money after stealing a treasure map from an old buccaneer. Little do Jim and his companions know of the treachery that pursues them every step of the way. They must find the treasure while guarding
themselves from murderous pirates who are willing to kill for the money. I liked this book because there is lots of adventure and action with a great ending that you won’t see coming.

Book Dracula (abridged)
Author: Tania Zamorsky (possibly a vampire)
Jonathan Harker, a lawyer working for the firm of Mr. Hawkins, travels to Transylvania to conduct business with a count Dracula regarding the purchase of an old home in London. While at the count’s estate he is questioned about life in London and discovers the count is keeping him prisoner. The count leaves for London leaving Jonathon at the mercy of three vampire sisters (author possibly one of them). While in London the count is wrecking havoc by turning Jonathon’s fiancĂ©, Mina into a vampire. A band of three men plans to kill count Dracula to find out if they succeeded or not you will have to read the book. I liked this book because it is very suspenseful, and even shocking at times. If you spook easily you should not read this book!

And the final competitor today is dominatin' Dakota T with three shots:

The book I'm going to review is Treasure Island. It is about a boy who is on a pirate ship and the captain, who drinks too much rum, passes away and leaves a treasure map in his possetion. It was very hard for me to understand at first but you kind of get used to it. This book kept me confused, but reading, so I'd advise it for more experienced readers.
The next book I'm going to review is the book The BFG by Roald Dahl. This book is about a Big Freindly Giant who takes away a young girl who was one of the few to see him. She learns (in the giants cave) that the long, clarenet shaped instrument that he caried around was something that blew dreams into your mind. A little while later, the girl sees other giants lazily lying around. The BFG tells about what they do at night and that he couldn't do anything because he was half their size, but that didn't stop her. They come up with devious pranks that has little effect, so they come up with a wonderfull idea... This boook was exciting and out of the ordinary. This was one of my favorite books growing up because it was clever and it made me want to read another book by this author.
Another book I read by Roald Dahl was Matilda. The is about a very young girl who at a very young age starts to read, and she loves it. Her parents though, are uncaring and cheaters. When She becomes of age, she goes to a school that is led by the TRUNCHBULL. She is a mean, strong lady that abuses that students in ways so that when they tell their parents, they don't belive them. Her assigned teacher is Mrs. Honey who is exactly the oppisite of the TRUNCHBULL. She seems like the only one to notice Matilda's true abillity to do math, read, and apply her knowlege. Matilda gets so smart that something happens in the story that will change her life. In this book there is a hidden secret, humor, and thrilling activity. I recomend this to all ages-even if you are fourty five.

SLAM!! Thanks again, everybody! These were very good today and made me want to read them. Hope it does the same for all you reader guys out there. I'm especially interested in ancient China, Keegan. And Josh, you could be right--"Tania Zamorsky" sounds like a vampire name to me!

Sooooo--here are today's standings. Don't forget that the Amulet graphic novels are worth three points each so that means that Demitri starts out with a three-pointer.
Michael--12 points
Dakota T--15points
AXEL--12 points
Chandler--2 points
Brian B--8 points
Justin B--3 points
Shannon--3 points
Demitri--3 points
Keegan89--1 point
Josh--6 points

That means we have a new leader, Dakota T!! You go! But it's still close and, as you see, there are new guys coming in big. Stay tuned, everybody!!! The Madness never ends!


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