Thursday, March 18, 2010

For the First Time--Video Dunks!

The NCAA tournament starts for real today. My beloved Tarheels aren't even in the Big Dance this year and the mighty ACC teams look flabby this year, so the tourney won't be as exciting for me this year as it ususally is. But our March Madness Slam Dunkers show no sign of getting soft. We've got some first-rate reviews today, so SLAM! DUNK! Here they come:


Flight Explorer, Volume 1
In this continuation from the popular Flight series, the best cartoonists have been chosen to do this amazing comic book. There are mini-comics from Kazu Kibuishi's Copper, Kean Soo's Jellaby, and other comics from Rad Sechrist and Bannister. From purple monsters, to space mice and space girls, to mushrooms that talk, it's all possible in this book. Go beyond anything you could ever imagine and check it out!


Book: The Devil’s ArithmeticAuthor: Jane Yolen

This praiseworthy book focuses on a Jewish girl named Hannah, or Chaya when spoken in Hebrew. Devil’s Arithmetic follows Chaya as she makes an unexpected journey back in time to World War II. There she is captured by the Nazis and put into a concentration camp. This book is an amazing story describing her life during the Holocaust. This story shows how prisoners struggle to survive. This story was magnificently written and depicts the pure horror of the holocaust.

Dakotat T:

The next book I'm going to review is another book by Roald Dahl entitled The Twits. it is about a married couple named Mr. and Mrs. Twit. They hate everything that is good. They are the nastiest people you'd ever meet. Finally, Muggle Wumps have had enough. They, like Matilda and the BFG, come up with a devious plan to get a fraction of their revenge. This is a short, but meaningful book . It was very interesting, but mainly written for younger kids.

And now for something totally different. Justin B and Brian B were here at Imaginon today because Brian came to see the Treasure Island play. So they got their free books for writing reviews and also gave us a couple of video reviews! Brian talked about the play and Justin told us about The Brixton Brothers. (I couldn't be there but a certain master spy with an eyepatch filled in for me. BTW, Justin has a Boxcar Children book and Brian has Free Baseball)

Thanks, everyone! Well done! Because Brian reviewed the play, he gets a three-pointer. Justin gets one for his review, as do Michael, Dakota T, and Keegan89. Here are today's standings:

Michael--13 points

Dakota T--16 points

AXEL--12 points

Chandler--2 points

Brian B--9 points

Justin B--6 points

Shannon--3 points

Demitri--3 points

Keegan89--2 points

Josh--6 points

Dakota T still has the lead but Micheal and AXEL are still right behind. Yet the others can still catch up at any moment. Just like in the NCAA tournament, anyone can come and upset the leader. Oh, man, they're going to be dunking on the court and on the blog!! Keep tuned in for more excitement!!


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