Friday, March 26, 2010

Eyepatch Carl Brings the Slam Dunkers on Deck!

AAAARRRRR, me hearties, 'tis Eyepatch Carl, the scurviest sea dog in the seven seas. I'm going to see the Treasure Island play tonight, I am, and I can hardly wait. AARRR! Here's a picture of me in the Rusty Rudder Inn, hoisting a tankard of me favorite root beer and waitin' for the next tide-- --when all of a sudden I'm attacked the infamous Trout of Terror. (he was singing something about giving him back a fish sandwich)Want something to eat, do ye? I'll give ye a taste of my steel!! AARRR!! Another one sent to Davy Jones's fish locker! Well, I'm going to present the latest reviews from those scalawags--I mean slam dunkers. This had better be good, mateys, or ye'll walk the plank!!

First on deck is Chandler:

Ivanhoe was written by Sir Walter Scott and is 238 pages long.
Ivanhoe is about a two kinds of people Saxons and Normans they both hate each other. So Ivanhoe (a Saxon) disguises himself as the disinherited knight so he can beat all the Normans in the tournament and impress the lady he loves named Rowena and name her the queen of beauty of love.
He was to good for all the Norman knights and took them all off their horses. The crowd cheered as he defeated all the knights. Then his last challenge was against Brian De Bois-Gulbert. The best knight in the stadium. He had challenged him to a fight to the death.
Will Ivanhoe survive or will he be killed by the evil Norman read this book to find out.
I liked this book because it had a lot of action, fantasy, romance, and excitement.

Then we have Demitri:

This is Demitri reviewing The Earth Dragon Awakes by Laurence Yep.This is a really good book about a Chinese family that lived through The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. It is written as a journal accounting true historical events with fictional characters. I liked the book because it made me feel as if I were there. And there are pictures in the back.

Now Demitri has recieved a special dispensation from Darth Bill, that worthy sith pirate, and me to get three points. He wanted to review one of the Tiger's Apprentice books but his library doesn't have any, so we told him he could read any Laurence Yep book and get a three-pointer. AARRR, anyone with a problem with that will have to face me and my cutlass!!

Next comes Justin B:

I am writing a review on The Boxcar Children #33 The Pizza Mystery by G. C. Warner. It is 121 pages long. It started out when the Aldens were on their way home and stopped where they always stop to get gas, Tom's gas station. When they got there the co owner of Mighty Mufflers was there. Then they went to their favorite Pizzeria the Piccolos. When they got there the Piccolos weren't doing too good so they decided to help them. It turned out the Piccolos needed their help cause when they started it pretty much got better. Then they hired another worker who actually just wanted experience. I recommend this book to any reader.

I'm writing a review on Hardy Boys #3 Boardwalk Bust by Franklin W. Dixon; it has 164 pages. Frank and Joe were at home folding sheets, and a fake girl scout came and gave them their next mission. They headed for Ocean Point, NJ in their plane and on their way they landed in Atlantic City. They met a man named Arnold; his nickname was Bump who turned out to be Mayor of Ocean Point. Actually he turned out to have been arrested for jewel theft so he changed his name to Bump. They investigated the place of the latest crime. The woman who owns the shop said it might be Ricardo Myers he owns a tattoo parlor on the pier, so they checked it out. Then they decided to camp out on the beach. The lights went off at 3am. They were caught and buried up to their necks in sand; then a vehicle came out of nowhere and they almost got their heads chopped off, but the driver noticed them, and the vehicle came to a stop about ten feet away. It turned out that the vehicle was a tractor and the driver dug them up, and then Joe got hit in the head with a gold bracelet. Then they decided to camp out in Bump's plane, and they caught him in the act of dumping jewelry out of his plane. They went back to Bayport in a limo.

After him, we've got his brother, Brian B:

I'm reviewing the book I got last Thursday called Free Baseball. It is written by Sue Corbett and has 144 pages. A young boy named Felix loves baseball; in fact his father Claudio de la Portilla was a famous Cuban baseball player. He won tickets to the local team the East Naples Egrets on a radio station called Hot 102. He has to go with his least favorite person in the entire world, his old babysitter Maryann. They have great seats until Maryann decides for them to sit with some of her friends. The Egrets lose to The Miracle and some how he becomes The Miracles Bat boy and everything in the end turns out even with a odd twist. I recommend this book to everyone.

Finally we see AXEL SIMONE:

i have read gabriels horses. it is by alison hart. it is about a boy who is a slave at a horse farm and his dad enlists in the army during the civil war. it was a lot better then i thought. i recommend it to everyone. Bye

i have read barnstormers game 1 porkopolis. it is by loren long. it is about 3 kids & a magic baseball. it was better than i thought. i recommend it to everyone. bye. ps the magic baseball only works when ruby, griffith and graham hold it at the same time
All right, me buckos, ye fared well! Especially AXEL, since he got two three-pointers for reiviewing Gabriel's Horses and the first Barnstormers/Sluggers book. (See our March 1 post for a list of 3-point books) Don't forget that the first place winner gets, amomg other prizes, a signed copy of Gabriel's Horses!

So here's where ye stand:

Michael--18 points
Dakota T--19 points
AXEL-19 points
Chandler--8 points
Brian B--11 points
Justin B--6 points
Shannon--3 points
Demitri--9 points
Keegan89--2 points
Josh--9 points

AARRR, ye'll see that Carl's math has been wrong for Justin and Brian B the last few days and he's corrected it. What can ye expect from a landlubber? But ye'll also see that we have a tie for first place!!! It's between AXEL and Dakota T. And Michael is right on their heels. Brian B and Demitri surged ahead. So keep writing them in! The contest ends at midnight thhis Sunday. The final reviews will be posted Monday along the results. So keep yer eyglasses on this spot--anything can still happen!!

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