Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Slam Dunks and Chandler and His Sister

Hey, one and all, we have some more outstanding reviews but, before we get into that, we have a picture of that expert slam dunker Chandler. He was here Wednesday to see the Treasure Island play and stopped by to see us. He also picked up a couple of free books for his reviews. His sister Laura was with him and, because guys are so awesome and generous, we gave her a book too.Bill, that world-famous ninja, gave Chandler some points on how to use the Flashing Book Ends of Death.It turns out that Chandler is friends with Justin and Brian B, those two first-class skam dunkers who've sent in reviews. It was good to see you, Chandler! Let us hear from you again. And don't forget that you can get three points for a review of the play!

OK, here we go. Josh is the first to run onto the court:

Title: Safe at Home
Author: Mike Lupicia
Reviewed by: Josh Forster
Safe at home is about 12 year old Nick Crandall who doesn’t fit in anywhere except on the baseball diamond. One day even that gets taken away from him when the varsity coach puts him on the varsity team even though he’s only 12 years old. I like this book because it is about a catcher in baseball and that is the position I play as well but this book has an odd ending that I didn’t like.

Book A Single Shard
Author Linda Sue Park
A single shard is a story about Tree Ear who is an orphan who dreams of one day making a beautiful pot on the potter’s wheel. One day he gets caught looking at pots in the potter’s studio and he accidentally breaks one. The master potter Min says that he must work for him for ten days as punishment for breaking the pot. Tree ear pays of his debt by working for the potter then, comes back to ask for more work. He gets a job helping the Min. One day a royal emissary comes to their town. While the emissary is staying he asks the potter Min to make some pots for him. The potter say’s yes. This book has an exciting ending that you’ll have to read to find out. I like this book because I do pottery as well and the book very unique.

Book Title: Swindle
Author: Gordon Korman
Reviewed by: Josh Forster
Swindle is a book about Griffin Bing and a mean antique shop owner who tricks him out of a valuable baseball card. Griffin comes up with an awesome plan to get it back. I liked this book because it is full of secret plans, robberies and blowtorches. The book also has an awesome middle and a great ending. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone over the age of ten because of all the mischievous fun.

Then Michael steps up:

Sardine in Outer Space 4by Emmanuel Guibert

Sardine, Captain Yellow Shoulder, and Little Louie continue to explore space in the Huckleberry, fighting Supermuscleman and Doc Croc. Ten fun stories in one hilarious book. The featured story is Sardine in Time. What devious plans do Supermuscleman and Doc Croc plan for in the future? Find out in this story! Check it out!!!

My Grandparents Are Secret Agents!by Scott Christian Sava

When two children are left with their grandparents for the week, Grandma and Grandpa are suddenly called into their secret agent service. They must defeat their worst enemy, a man who has built a time machine so that the entire world will live in the '60s. Can their grandchildren, who have learned their secret, be able to stop the villain and save the world from the terrible 1960s? Find out in this great comic book. Groovy, er, I mean, awesome!

by Scott Christian Sava
A boy finds that he has a super power. He can run so fast that you can hardly see him. But when the government and several companies all owned by the same villain find out about his powers, the family shuts themselves in. But that won't stop the villain from getting his way. When he captures the parents, the boy must rescue them from the villain's evil clutches. The villain figures out how to take his powers away and use them for a super-powered army. Can the boy get his powers back, rescue his parents, and defeat the villain?

And then, certainly not least, comes Dakota T:

The book I'm reviewing is A long way From Chicago by Richard Peck. It is about a boy and his sister who spend many of their Summers with their grandmother. Their grandmother isn't ordinary, she keeps a shot gun and most of the teenagers and men are afraid of her. In this book you will find a truly wacked out adventure containing a great plot. This is an excellent book and I'd recomend it to everyone.

The next book I'm going to review is Small Steps. It is an interesting sequal to the award winning book Holes by Louis Sachar. Usally the second or third books are less enjoyable as the first, but this is a different senerio. This book is about Armpit when he returns home. He becomes freinds with a ten year old girl who has cerebral palsy. Together they make small steps that improve their social skills. This is a realistic book that keeps me reading and reading.

My next review is going to be about The magician's Elephant by the same author of The tale of Desperou. It is about a young orphaned boy who goes on a journey to find his lost sister, if she still lives. He, as instructed by a fortunteller, follows an elephant on a thrilling adventure. This is a good, quik book.

All right! Very well done, men! Hey, wait a minute--when did "Groovy" become a thing that grandparents say?? That's what everyone said when I was young! Which was only--only--was it that long ago?? Ummm--well, let's see the latest standings:

Michael--18 points
Dakota T--19 points
AXEL-13 points
Chandler--7 points
Brian B--9 points
Justin B--6 points
Shannon--3 points
Demitri--6 points
Keegan89--2 points
Josh--9 points

Dakota T keeps his lead but Michael is still one point behind. Josh has jumped ahead as well. Keep burning them in, guys! Don't forget that you have until midnight this Sunday. Winners will be announced this Monday. That's still plenty of time!


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