Thursday, March 4, 2010

No, You Can't Get Enough Knucklehead, Scary, Gross and Enlightening, and Michael's Second Shot

Yes, guys, Master Jedi Zack's absolutely right--Knucklehead is one of the funniest books you'll ever read. I can't wait for the audiobook version! And thanks for mentioning my reviews, Zack! Don't worry about almost calling me CAROL. Since we're all MANLY MEN here, no one would ever mistake me for a girl--unless they saw the video of me as Miss Carlotta.

I've just added a new link to our list of links and it's a good one. It's Scary, Gross and Enlightening by author and librarian Deborah Ford. I mean, how could you not go to a site with a name like that?? This site has lots of good info for boys and their parents and teachers. And librarians. Especially guybrarians, to use Master Jedi Zack's term. Ms. Ford also made a terrific list of books for boys on her blog. Take a look.

Finally, Michael has given us another Slam Dunk:

Qwerty Stevens, book 1
Qwerty Stevens Back in Time with Thomas Edison
by Dan Gutman
Qwerty Stevens is mad. And when he's mad, he digs. Only this time he finds a very unusual machine that just happens to be Thomas Edison's 1,094th invention. After it takes him to France, and he has his sister, Barbara, bring him back to his house, he figures out that it's not just a teleportation machine, it's also a time machine. It takes him and Barbara back in time to meet Thomas Edison. But there is someone from the present who knows about the machine and would like it for his own evil purposes. This book is fun, adventurous, and educational. Be sure to check out the 2nd Qwerty Stevens book: Qwerty Stevens Stuck in Time with Benjamin Franklin.

Thanks, Michael! You now have the lead with 5 points! I read the second Qwerty Stevens book and really enjoyed it. (read my review here) I mean REALLY enjoyed it becuase it was fun, adventurous, and it didn't hurt being educational as well. Check it out, guys, and send in some more Slam Dunks!



Susan Quinn said...

I WILL have to go to that "gross" site and I may have to link to it, if it's going to have good stuff for boys. Thanks for the tip!

Carl said...

Certainly! Check out that blog list of books for boys too. Do you have boys in your house? Ask them to write in for the Slam Dunk contest.