Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Final Eight of The Boys Rule Boys Read Book Tournament!!

Okay, I spelled a word wrong on the last blog!!! Well, Excuse Me!!!!!! (I think I might actually cry --- and I mean it; no joking) Let me explain; basically, Blogger was really messing with my mind and my typing. That's why that particular blog looks so bizarre. I tell you, it was like fighting a Vespin Windingo from the planet Fabio!!!!! Anyway the post got out finally and, despite it's look, I swear I was in my right mind----well, as right as it gets!!!!
Errrrrrrr, Sith do not suffer humiliation well!!!! I will have my revenge!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, maybe I'm overreacting; let me find my happy place!!!! Composure, breathe, and now, the Final Eight:

As you may remember, we had a tie between The Percy Jackson Series and The Time Warp Trio Series, so that means we go into overtime. What is overtime, you ask? Well, we vote again berween Percy Jackson and the the Time Warp Trio, with the winner moving on and the loser going home. Plus, whichever series you pick will go against The Chronicles of Narnia to move to the next round. So if you pick The Percy Jackson or the Trio to win and then pick them to beat Narnia, you better hope you picked right for the overtime game. Here we go:

Right Side Overtime Game:

The Percy Jackson Series (seed 1) Vs. The Time Warp Trio Series (seed 8):


Right Side Game 1 after Overtime:

Winner of the Overtime Game (seed ?) Vs. The Chronicles of Narnia (seed 6):


Right Side Game 2:

The Charlie Bone Series (seed 4) Vs. The Underland Chronicles (seed 7):


Left Side Game 1:

The Harry Potter Series (seed 1) Vs. The Artemis Fowl Series (seed 4):


Left Side Game 2:

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (seed 3) Vs. The Jack Sparrow Series (seed 7):


Here is the leader board for the people who voted and got the most books right in moving them to the final eight:

1) Tie between Bekah and Melissa with 7 points;
2) Tie between Stephen and Mary 6 points (upset seed points = 13);
3) Tie between Carl M. and Koko B. Ware 6 points (upset seed points = 10);
4) Danna 6 points (upset seed points = 8);
5) Melanie 6 points (upset seed points = 3).

Very interesting results, wouldn't you say? Well, if you are behind in points there is a way in which you can catch up--or it could help you potentially win. We are incorporating, as of this post, the three pointer!!!!! What is this, exactely? Well, if you review a book and submit it to the blog, we will award the writer a three pointer (3 points) to be added to their score in the tournament voter standings.

Also, the prizes for the top 3 contenders has now been established. First place will be an autographed T-shirt from the UNCC Men's Basketball Team. Second place will be an autographed poster. 3rd prize will be a book of your chosing (softcover) from all the contenders in the tournament. If you live near in the Charlotte area, you could come to Imaginon to claim your prize, If you live out of town or can't get to Imaginon, we will send your prize to you.
Please notice that Bill and Carl have combined contests. Carl started off with a March Madness of Reading contest in which those who sent in the most reviews won. Bill created the Sweet 16 of Books. After much consulting and negotiating, (fortunately, we did not have to get into a light saber duel) we agreed that it would less confusing to combine the two contests. So you can still send in reviews--in fact, they will help you because you'll get three points for each one!! So the more reviews you send, the more points you get!!

Here are the rules once again:

1) The books that are going against each other will move to the next round if they receive the most votes from you guys.

2) Everyone who wants to (adults and girls also) can vote by responding to this blog and voting for the books in each match-up they would like to see go on in the tournament.

3) Multiple voting by the same individual for a particular book is not allowed. One vote for each match-up.

4) Voting will start with the posting of this blog entry. Voting from bloggers will be allowed for that day and for 7 following days (second round votes due by 9:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 25) . Also if you can get by ImaginOn, we will have paper handouts that you can use to vote.

5) You will notice that the books are seeded. What this means is the books with the higher seeds (1 being highest, 8 being lowest) are expected to go further in the tournament. Those with lower number are expected to make early exits. However, who goes on and who goes home will be determined by your votes.

6) Finally, for whomever votes for the most books that go the furthest, prizes will be awarded. In the case of a tie, the number difference between upsets will be used to determine the ultimate winner (say someone picks a seed 8 to beat a seed 1, that would give them 7 points for a tie-breaker, etc.). Also the three pointer can be used to give voters more points (3 points).

7) That's it all. So get in there and vote for your favorite books and more importantly have fun!!!!!!

Well that's it for me for now, but "I will be back,"

Darth Bill

P.S. As to the question "Do Sith celebrate Saint Patricks Day?" No, we do not!!!!!! However, we do wear green as we are afraid of being pinched.

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