Friday, March 14, 2008

March Madness Results Round One!!!!!!!

Hello all in Blogland, once again it is I, the slaminist sith around, Darth Bill!!!!!!! I don't know why Carl keeps saying I was sick on these posts. The really, real true story was that I had to put down a Jedi uprising on Coruscant (bet you didn't know that the Sith had reconquered the planet, did ya?). You will never guess who showed up to give me a hand on this occasion!!!! The one, the only Darth Jordan (bet ya didn't know he was a Sith Lord). He plays for our Sith Basketball Team against the Jedi Team all the time.

Darth Michael Rules the Courts!!!

Enough about that; let's talk about the results of the first round of The Boys Rule, Boys Read Sweet 16 Book Tournament. Okay, here are the results from the first round of play (points equal number of votes received both through the blog and from paper ballots here at the
library) :

Game 1 on the Left Side:

The Harry Potter Series (seed 1) Vs. His Dark Materials Trilogy (The Golden Compass, etc.) (seed 8):

Harry Potter Series 16 points

His Dark Materials 2 points

Winner by a landslide Harry Potter!!!!!

Game 2 on the Left Side:

The Artemis Fowl Series (seed 4) Vs. The Captain Underpants Series (seed 5):

Artemis Fowl Series 14 points

Captain Underpants Series 4 points

Winner by a landslide Artemis Fowl!!!!

Game 3 on the Left Side:

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (seed 3) Vs.The Matt Christopher Book Series (seed 6):

Star Wars: Clone War
Adventures 15 points

Matt Christopher Series 3 points

Winner by a landslide Star Wars: CloneWar Adventures!!!

Game 4 on the Left Side:

The Bone Series (seed 2) Vs. The Jack Sparrow Series (seed 7):

he Bone Series 8 points

The Jack Sparrow Series 10 points

Here we have our first upset as this thrilla in Manilla has Jack Sparrow taking down Bone!!!

Game 1 on the Right Side:

The Percy Jackson Series (seed 1) Vs. The Time Warp Trio Series (seed 8):
The Percy Jackson Series 9 points

The Time Warp Trio
Series 9 points

In a shocker the fiesty Time Warp Trio ties the heavily favored Percy Jackson Series!!!!

Guess this means we will have to go into overtime for this math up. I will explain in the next post.

Game 2 on the Right Side: The Eragon, Eldest Series (seed 3) Vs. The Chronicles of Narnia (seed 6):

Eragon, Eldest Series 5 points

Chronicles of Narnia 17 points

Narnia looks like it could ne a real contender in this tournament!!!

Game 3 on the Right Side:
The Charlie Bone Series (seed 4) Vs. The Beet Series (seed 5):

Charlie Bone 12 points

The Beet Series
6 points

The Charlie Bone Series overcomes the Beet Series to live to fight another day!!!

Game 4 on the Right Side:
The Spiderwick Chronicles
(seed 2)Vs.The Underlander Chronicles (seed 7):

Spiderwick 8 points

Underlander 10 points

The Winner in another upset--The Underlander Chronicles!!!!

The next round of voting is coming up soon--possibly today! Stay tuned.

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