Monday, March 10, 2008

Our First Votes in the March Madness Book Series Tournament!

Hey, all you March Madness lovers! It's Carl, back from a long battle with some kind of virus. It tried to defeat me but Carl the Brave, Carl the Bold, Carl the Finally Got Enough Sense To See His Doctor triumphed!!! Now that I'm back, I see that we have two submissions already for the brackets in the Sweet 16 of Books. The first votes come from Danna:

Gotta Love March Madness!

Left Bracket

Game 1 : Harry Potter

Game 2 : Artemis Fowl

Game 3 : Star Wars

Game 4 : Bone

Right Bracket

Game 1 : Percy Jackson

Game 2 : Narnia

Game 3 : Charlie Bone

Game 4 : Underland

Good choices, Danna!! As everyone knows, I'm a huge fan of Percy Jackson. But you probably don't know that I'm a great Narnia fan as well. I read a whole bunch of C. S. Lewis books, including Narnia, back in my 20's and they had a big impact on me. I'd like to write something about Prince Caspian around the time the movie comes out. But I digress. Here is another set of votes from Anonymous:











Looks like Anonymous is a person of few words. More good choices--although there are some conflicts already! Anonymous and Danna agreed on the Left side but Anonymous chose Time Warp Trio and Spiderwick on the Right brackets. Hmmm----maybe there are some Cinderella books that'll go farther in the tournament than expected. Stay tuned, fans!

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