Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here We Go! First Picks For the Final 8!

Yes, blogging and book fans, the first picks of the Final 8 have already started coming in. The very first came from our friends Andre the Giant and Koko B. Ware from the Guys Read blog:

For the tie of Lightning Thief and the Time Warp Trio, me and my friend think that Lightning Thief should win. Mark Lightning Thief with two more votes.

Another vote from Guys Read!

Koko B.Ware and Andre the Giant

Good choices! Percy Jackson all the way! But our friend Anonymous has a different idea:

After OT
RS 1 - CN
RS 2 - CB
LS 1 - HP

HEE HEE HEE! I messed with a Sith's mind!
Yea ME! : P!!!!!!!

Well, well, well--another vote for Time Warp Trio. And I thought Percy Jackson would just roll over the competition. You never know. But guess what? The paper ballots are what tied PJ and TWT. A lot of guys voted on paper for TWT and that did the trick. If any of you come to Imaginon, pick up a paper ballot--but no double voting! We'll know who you are! And, yes, you very successfully messed with the Sith lord's mind. Darth Bill is on vacation this week and will be back in time to post the results for the next round. (Remember, the deadline for voting is Tuesday, March 25) Well, Bill says he's on vacation, but I think he took a hyperspace jump to the Outer Rim to get away from the Easter Bunny. Why would he want to escape from a bunny? Because he thinks it might really be the Lagomorph!!!!!


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