Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Votes and One More Book From the ACCC

Very good! We have votes fom cyber kid 303 for the Sweet 16 of Books! I've been waiting to hear from you, cyber kid. Missed you at the Davy Crockett program Tuesday. (I'll post something about that sometime soon) Here are cyber kid's picks:

Here are my picks:
Harry Potter
Captain Underpants
Matt Christopher
Bone Series
Time Warp Trio
Chronicles of Narnia
Charlie Bone
Spiderwick Chronicles

Good choices. I don't have time to figure results up now and have received more paper ballots in the last couple of hours, so I really wonder which books will go on to the next round.

Our friends at the Guys Read blog often write about What I'm Reading Now. It's a good idea. Several of them like realistic adventure stories, so they'll be pleased to know that I'm reading one called The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell. Looks good so far. It's about pearl divers in Baja California, that strip of land in Mexico below California. There's supposed to be a giant manta ray in the story, so it ought to be quite an adventure. If it's good, I'll write about it as a good pick ACCording to Carl.
That's me!
PS--have you ever written to the Guys Read blog, cyber kid?

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