Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March Madness is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the Games Begin!!!!!!!

"Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures"
all the way or I shoot the Wookiee!!

Vote for His Dark Materials or
get eaten by Iorek Byrnison!!!

Hi all it is I, the dunkenest Sith Lord in the whole entire universe, Darth Bill!!!! Well to go along with the theme of a basketball tournament, I thought we might do here on the blog a book series tournament. So without further adieu, here is The Boys Rule, Boys Read Sweet 16 Book Tournament.

Now this bracketing did not come out as big as I would have liked so to help here are the match-ups seen up close and personal:

Game 1 on the Left Side:

The Harry Potter Series (seed 1) Vs. His Dark Materials Trilogy (The Golden Compass, etc.) (seed 8)


Game 2 on the Left Side:

The Artemis Fowl Series (seed 4) Vs. The Captain Underpants Series (seed 5)


3 on the Left Side:

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (seed 3) Vs.The Matt Christopher Book Series (seed 6)


e 4 on the Left Side:

The Bone Series (seed 2) Vs. The Jack Sparrow Series (seed 7)


1 on the Right Side:

The Percy Jackson Series (The Lightning Thief, etc) (seed 1) Vs.The Time
Warp Trio Series (seed 8)


Game 2 on the Right Side:

Eragon, Eldest Series (seed 3) Vs. The Chronicles of Narnia (seed 6)


Game 3 on the Right Side:

The Charlie Bone Series (seed 4) Vs. The Beet Series (seed 5)


Game 4 on the Right Side:

The Spiderwick Chronicles (seed 2) Vs. Underland Chronicles (seed 7)


Now here are the rules for The Boys Rule, Boys Read Sweet 16 Book Tournament:

1) The books that are going against each other will move to the next round if they receive the most votes from you guys.

2) Everyone who wants to (adults and girls also) can vote by responding to this blog and voting for the books in each match-up they would like to see go on in the tournament.

3) Multiple voting by the same individual for a particular book is not allowed. One vote for each match-up.

4) Voting will start with the posting of this blog entry and voting from bloggers will be allowed for that day and for 7 following days (first round votes due by 9:00 p.m. Wensday, March 12) . Also if you can get by ImaginOn, we will have paper handouts that you can use to vote.

5) You will notice that the books are seeded. What this means is the books with the higher seeds (1 being highest, 8 being lowest) are expected to go further in the tournament. Those with lower number are expected to make early exits. However, who goes on and who goes home will be determined by your votes.

6) Finally for whomever votes for the most books that go the furthest, a prize as yet undetermined will be awarded. In the case of a tie, the number difference between upsets will be used to determine the ultimate winner (say someone picks a seed 8 to beat a seed 1, that would give them 7 points for a tie-breaker, etc.).

7) That's it all. So get in there and vote for your favorite books and more importantly have fun!!!!!!

Well I'm excited about this so until next time peace all,


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Danna said...

Gotta Love March Madness!

Left Bracket
Game 1 : Harry Potter
Game 2 : Artemis Fowl
Game 3 : Star Wars
Game 4 : Bone

Right Bracket
Game 1 : Percy Jackson
Game 2 : Narnia
Game 3 : Charlie Bone
Game 4 : Underland